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Oregon Steel Mills

Oregon Steel Mills, Inc. (OSM) is a Portland, Oregon, United States, based steel producer with facilities in Colorado and Alberta. In November 2006, Russian steel producer Evraz Group S.A. agreed to purchase Oregon Steel for $2.3 billion, and this was approved by U.S. regulators in January 2007. Operated as Evraz Oregon Steel Mills, Inc., the company produces items such as structural tubing, pipes, and steel rails.


OSM operates a variety of steel production facilities. These include a plate mill at their OSM Rolling Mill at the Portland Steelworks in Portland, Oregon. OSM manufactures armor plating for the U.S. military. Also at the Portland Steelworks is OSM Tubular that makes pipes for use in areas such as oil and natural gas transmission. Oregon Steel’s Canadian operations also produce tubular steel products. In Oregon, OSM also operates a structural tubing facility, the only producer in the Northwest.

In Colorado, OSM’s Rocky Mountain Steel subsidiary operates three production facilities. One facility makes rails for railroads, one rods and bars for construction, and the third plant manufactures seamless pipes. These were part of Colorado Fuel and Iron Company when founded in 1881.


Oregon Steel began as Gilmore Steel in 1926 when William G. Gilmore started the company. In 1987 the company became Oregon Steel Mills. Then in 1993 OSM purchased Colorado Fuel and Iron. In January 2007 Evraz Group S.A. of Russia bought OSM for $2.3 billion. Prior to this Oregon Steel was traded on the NYSE as OS.


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