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Stay Away, Joe

Stay Away, Joe is a 1968 comedy-drama western film with musical interludes set in modern times and starring Elvis Presley, Burgess Meredith and Joan Blondell.

Primary cast:


The songs for the soundtrack were recorded at Radio Recorders Studios in Hollywood, California in October 1967.

Recording musicians

Tracks (songwriter)

  1. Stay Away, Joe - (Sid Wayne & Ben Weisman)
  2. Lovely Mamie
  3. Dominick - (Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett)
  4. All I Needed Was The Rain - (Fred Wise & Ben Weisman)
  5. Stay Away - (Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett)

Stay Away, Joe was the first of a string of films near the end of Presley's acting career whose soundtracks were not released in LP or even EP format (and the first such film to receive this treatment since 1961's Wild in the Country. In fact, only "Stay Away" (sung to the tune of "Greensleeves") was released to coincide with the movie, as the B-side of the single "U.S. Male". "Stay Away, Joe" and "All I Needed Was the Rain" emerged on compilation albums a few years later (Let's Be Friends and Elvis Sings Flaming Star, respectively), while the remaining tracks stayed unreleased until after Presley's death. An additional song, "Goin' Home", was recorded for the film but not used in it; it was later issued as a bonus track on the soundtrack album for Presley's film, Speedway.

According to Presley discographer Ernst Jorgensen, at least one track was withheld from release at the time by request of Presley himself: he reportedly disliked the song "Dominick" so much, he requested it never be released, and it was one of the recordings that was never issued until after his death.

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