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Wembley Central station

Wembley Central is a Network Rail station served by London Underground, London Overground and National Rail services. It is located in High Road, Wembley in Greater London.


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Wembley Central has the appearance of an underground station due to the elevated position of the High Road (where the main entrance is located behind a 1940s shopping arcade) and the enclosed nature of the platforms below the raft upon which Station Square is built; it is actually generally at or above the local ground level, having been reconstructed in its current form during the 1960s electrification of the West Coast Main Line. It is the first station out of Euston to have platforms on all three pairs of tracks and the combination of the confined space and through trains passing at speed on platforms 3 through 6 (the main line platforms) create a wind tunnel effect which can be dangerous for passengers. As a result, the 4 mainline platforms (which do not see regular service) are locked out for most of the day and entrance is only allowed when trains are due, generally the few Southern services, which use platforms 5 and 6 (on the slow main line).

The station was modernised in 2006 with additional safety features.


The station has now undergone some improvements, most notably the new passenger footbridge at the London end of the station. Completed in late 2006 by civil engineers C Spencer Ltd., its purpose is to carry extra foot traffic to and from the platforms during event days at the nearby Wembley Stadium; the everyday access is at the "country" end of the platforms. In practice, this means the bridge is usually locked and out of use, only being opened when the stadium itself is in use.

Other recent works include the resurfacing of platforms 1 and 2 complete with the installation of curved steel cladding panels. The station's staff received refurbished messing facilities and new public toilets have also been installed. The Central Square area is still to be fully regenerated.


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