Mérida (state)

Estado Mérida is one of the 23 states (estados) into which Venezuela is divided. The state capital is Mérida.

Mérida State covers a total surface area of 11,300 km² and, in 2007, had an estimated population of 843,800.

Climate and Vegetation

The climate is cold but in the relatively small area of Mérida state, you will encounter several dramatic climatic changes all in a day. The climate in Mérida city is between 19 °C and 20 °C, temperatures between 5 °C and 9 °C at El Bolivar Peak, or below zero when it snows and 28 °C in the El Vigía area. Its rains almost every late afternoon in January–February that is the coldest months an August-September and in August and September it often rains at night. The vegetation is exuberant and there are many lakes and rivers, a great number of which are well stocked with trout, one of the delicacies of Mérida. The most important river in the state is the “Chama” because a large part of the water resources of Venezuela originates in the Mérida mountains. The state tree is the “Bucare” and the state flower is the “Frailejón” and in the “Coloradito” is found the tree at the highest altitude in the world. In this mountains habitat the “Oso Frontino” bear and the majestic Condor flies through the skies of the páramos and in the lagoons you can get the best trouts of the city.

Municipalities and municipal seats

  1. Alberto Adriani (El Vigía)
  2. Andrés Bello (La Azulita)
  3. Antonio Pinto Salinas (Santa Cruz de Mora)
  4. Aricagua (Aricagua)
  5. Arzobispo Chacón (Canagua)
  6. Campo Elías (Ejido)
  7. Caracciolo Parra Olmedo (Tucaní)
  8. Cardenal Quintero (Santo Domingo)
  9. Guaraque (Guaraque)
  10. Julio César Salas (Arapuey)
  11. Justo Briceño (Torondoy)
  12. Libertador (Mérida)
  13. Miranda (Timotes)
  14. Obispo Ramos de Lora (Santa Elena de Arenales)
  15. Padre Noguera (Santa María de Caparo)
  16. Pueblo Llano (Pueblo Llano)
  17. Rangel (Mucuchíes)
  18. Rivas Dávila (Bailadores)
  19. Santos Marquina (Tabay)
  20. Sucre (Lagunillas)
  21. Tovar (Tovar)
  22. Tulio Febres Cordero (Nueva Bolivia)
  23. Zea (Zea)

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