State Attorney General

The state attorney general in the United States is an executive office in all 50 state governments. The state attorneys general serve as chief legal advisor to the state government and as the chief law enforcement officers. In some states, the Attorney General serves as the head of the state Department of Justice, with responsibilities similar to that of the United States Department of Justice. Most attorneys general are elected statewide; in a few states, the selection is made by the governor, the state legislature, or the state supreme court.

The longest serving state attorney general in U.S. history was Frank J. Kelley (born 1924) of the state of Michigan. His 37-year term of office, from 1961 to 1998, made him both the youngest (36 years old) and oldest (74 years old) Attorney General in the state's history, and led to his nickname as the "Eternal General".

The current party composition of the 50 state Attorneys General are:

List of Attorneys General in U.S. states;

Current Attorney General State Party Took office Term expires
Troy King Alabama Republican 2004 2011
Talis J. Colberg Alaska Republican 2006 Appointed by Governor
Terry Goddard Arizona Democratic 2003 2011
Dustin McDaniel Arkansas Democratic 2007 2011
Jerry Brown California Democratic 2007 2011
John Suthers Colorado Republican 2005 2011
Richard Blumenthal Connecticut Democratic 1991 2011
Beau Biden Delaware Democratic 2007 2011
Bill McCollum Florida Republican 2007 2011
Thurbert Baker Georgia Democratic 1997 2011
Mark J. Bennett Hawaii Republican 2003 Appointed by Governor
Lawrence Wasden Idaho Republican 2003 2011
Lisa Madigan Illinois Democratic 2003 2011
Steve Carter Indiana Republican 2001 2008
Thomas John Miller Iowa Democratic 1995 2011
Stephen Six Kansas Democratic 2008 2011
Jack Conway Kentucky Democratic 2007 2011
Buddy Caldwell Louisiana Democratic 2008 2011
G. Steven Rowe Maine Democratic 2001 Elected by the Legislature
Doug Gansler Maryland Democratic 2007 2011
Martha Coakley Massachusetts Democratic 2007 2011
Mike Cox Michigan Republican 2003 2011
Lori Swanson Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor 2007 2011
Jim Hood Mississippi Democratic 2004 2007
Jay Nixon Missouri Democratic 1993 2009 (running for Governor)
Mike McGrath Montana Democratic 2001 2008
Jon Bruning Nebraska Republican 2002 2011
Catherine Cortez Masto Nevada Democratic 2007 2011
Kelly Ayotte New Hampshire Republican 2004 July 2008 (Appointed by Governor)
Anne Milgram New Jersey Democratic 2007 Appointed by Governor
Gary King New Mexico Democratic 2007 2011
Andrew Cuomo New York Democratic 2007 2011
Roy A. Cooper North Carolina Democratic 2001 2008
Wayne Stenehjem North Dakota Republican 2001 2008
Nancy H. Rogers Ohio Democratic 2008 2008 (Appointed by Governor, will not seek election in November 2008)
Drew Edmondson Oklahoma Democratic 1995 2011
Hardy Myers Oregon Democratic 1997 2008
Tom Corbett Pennsylvania Republican 2005 2008
Patrick C. Lynch Rhode Island Democratic 2003 2011
Henry McMaster South Carolina Republican 2003 2011
Larry Long South Dakota Republican 2003 2011
Robert E. Cooper, Jr. Tennessee Democratic 2007 2011 (appointed by Tennessee Supreme Court)
Greg Abbott Texas Republican 2002 2011
Mark Shurtleff Utah Republican 2001 2008
William Sorrell Vermont Democratic 1997 2011
Bob McDonnell Virginia Republican 2006 2009
Rob McKenna Washington Republican 2005 2008
Darrell McGraw West Virginia Democratic 1993 2008
J. B. Van Hollen Wisconsin Republican 2007 2011
Bruce Salzburg Wyoming Democratic 2007 Appointed by Governor

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