Start Over

Start Over

Start Over is a feature offered to Time Warner Cable customers in the United States. It allows customers to jump to the beginning of a program in progress without any preplanning or in-home recording devices. It is available to digital cable subscribers at no additional charge.


Start Over was first launched to customers in South Carolina in November 2005. Time Warner Cable announced Start Over will become available this summer to customers in Greensboro, North Carolina; Rochester, New York; and San Antonio, Texas. In South Carolina, Time Warner Cable has made the Start Over functionality available on select programming from 62 networks.

Beginning in June, Time Warner Cable will deploy Start Over to customers in San Antonio. Deployments will continue throughout the summer into Rochester, followed by Greensboro. The service will be systematically rolled out in each of these divisions, launching neighborhood by neighborhood until Start Over is available to all customers in the market. Time Warner Cable expects to launch Start Over to customers in another three to four divisions later this year.

About It

Start Over is enabled by a software upgrade to the existing video on demand (VOD) platform and to the installed base of digital set top boxes. The Start Over system instantaneously captures live television programming for immediate, on demand viewing.

When tuning to a Start Over-enabled show in progress, customers are alerted to the feature through an on-screen prompt. By pressing "Select" on the remote control, the program is restarted from the beginning. Commercials will appear in the same sequence of the show as they would have in the initial telecast. Start Over-enabled programs can be restarted within the shows' telecast window.


Within six months Start Over has become one of the most popular advanced services launched by Time Warner Cable. Seventy percent of those able to use Start Over are doing so about seven times each month and more than two-thirds use Start Over three times per week.


During 2008, Hot, Israel's leading cable company launched the Start Over feature for its digital cable customers.

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