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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (known as IIT Kanpur or IITK) is one of the Indian Institutes of Technology, set up in the then-industrial city of Kanpur in 1960. IIT Kanpur has grown into one of the top technological institutes in India , primarily focused on research in engineering and science, and the teaching of undergraduates.


IIT Kanpur was established by an Act of Parliament in 1959. The institute was started in December 1959 in a room in the Canteen Building of the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute at Agricultural Gardens in Kanpur. In 1963, the Institute moved to its present location, on the historic Grand Trunk Road near the village of Kalyanpur in Kanpur district. During the first ten years of its existence, IIT Kanpur benefited from the Kanpur Indo-American Programme, where a consortium of 9 US universities namely M.I.T, University of California, Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Carnegie Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Case Institute Of Technology and Purdue University helped set up the research laboratories and academic programmes. The first Director of the Institute was Dr. P. K. Kelkar (after whom the Central Library was renamed in 2002).

Under the guidance of eminent economist John Kenneth Galbraith, IIT Kanpur was the first institute in India to start Computer Science education. The earliest computer courses were started at IIT Kanpur in August 1963 on an IBM 1620 system, a novelty then even in many North American and European universities. In 1971, the institute initiated an independent academic program, leading to M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees.

Board of Governors

Board of Governors includes:

  • Prof. M Anandakrishnan (Chairman)
  • Prof. Sanjay Govind Dhande (Director)
  • Dr. G.K. Mehta (Eminent Nuclear scientist)
  • Anil Ambani (CEO ADAE)
  • Dr. S.S. Lele (Director IT BHU)
  • Aman Kumar Singh (CEO, CHIPS)

Laboratories and other facilities

The campus is spread over an area of 4.3 km² (~1062 acres). The Institute has a number of facilities, including the National Wind Tunnel Facility. Other large research centres include the Advanced Centre for Material Science, a Bio-technology centre, the Advanced Centre for Electronic Systems, and the Samtel Centre for Display Technology, Centre for Mechatronics, Centre for Laser Technology, Prabhu Goel Research Centre for Computer and Internet Security, Facility for Ecological and Analytical Testing. In addition, the various departments have their own smaller libraries. Apart from this, IIT Kanpur also has its own airfield, for flight testing and gliding activities.

The Computer-Centre (referred to by the campus residents as "C-C") has about 100-150 Linux terminals and more than 100 Windows-NT terminals supported by PARAM 10000 super computer, and is continuously available to the students for academic work and recreation. In addition, it hosts about 50 SUN workstations that are considered powerful workhorses for heavy computational tasks. It is a major intellectual, social and cultural hub in the campus. The IITs (and especially IIT Kanpur) and BITS Pilani are among the first large academic institutions in India to be extensively networked , with an institute-wide LAN and Ethernet access to every student room in the residence halls.


The undergraduate students at IIT Kanpur are selected through the Joint Entrance Examination of the IITs. The Post Graduate students are selected through various entrance exams. Master in Business Administration (MBA) - Joint Management Entrance Examination (JMET); Master of Science (M. Sc.) - Joint Admission Test (JAM); Master of Technology (M. Tech.) - Graduate Aptitute Test of Engineering (GATE). Presently, the institute has around 4,000 students, with an equal distribution of graduate and undergraduate students.

Students at IIT Kanpur reside in the hostels, or 'halls of residence', there are eight hostels (Hall 1-5, 7-9) for boys and two for girls, called GH-1 (Girls Hostel 1) and GH-2 (formerly Hall 6).

The annual cultural festival is called Antaragni. The annual science and technology festival, Techkriti, is held at the end of February each year. The annual sports festival, Udghosh/IIT Kanpur Sportsmeet, is held around the end of September each year and Umang, the annual Film Festival, is held in early January. All four are amongst the most popular college events in North India.The annual business festival Megabucks is also one of the landmark events in the IITK calendar. In addition to this,each hall has its own cultural festival.

The Students also bring out a monthly campus newspaper - Vox Populi ,and a magazine Meander.

The Students Gymkhana, which is democratically elected body is the centre of all inter hostel and intercollege activities that the students of IITK engage in. The Student Gymkhana has the following councils :

The Presidential Council, The Games Council, The Cultural Council, The Science and Technology Council, The Films and Media Council.

The President, heads the student body, followed by general secretaries for the subdivisions. A number of secretaries head the various smaller departments.The Student's Senate is a decision making body which comes under the Presidential Council.It has elected members who hold six-month terms in office.Typically,one student per every hundred is elected into the senate.

SIDBI Innovation & Incubation Centre

IIT Kanpur has set up the SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre in collaboration with Small Industries development Bank of India (SIDBI) to foster innovation, research, and entrepreneurial activities in technology-based areas. SIIC provides a platform to business Start-ups to develop their ideas into commercially viable products.


Important note: More details of the above persons, including their year of graduation, can be found in this article: List of notable Indian Institutes of Technology alumni.

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