Starkers! is a monthly naked club night in London. It takes place on the third Friday of every month.

Starkers! was the first night of its kind in England where everyone is naked, but other similar events have since started. Entrants must remove all articles of clothing (except footwear, which is required) upon entering and remain naked until leaving. Women are allowed to wear a bikini bottom, but most choose not to. Men are not permitted to wear underwear. The disco is strict and universal in applying its undress code, extending it to all disco staff, including the coat checkers and DJ.

Starkers! has two bars, two dance floors and a chill-out area. The nightclub is open to adults of all ages and of any sexual orientation. Cameras and mobile phones are prohibited due to the concerns many patrons have of nude photos of themselves becoming available on the internet.

Starkers! came second place for Club of the Year 2006 in the Erotic Awards.

The club celebrated its fourth anniversary on 16 November 2007.

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