standing broad jump

Standing long jump

The standing long jump is an athletics event. It was an Olympic event until 1912.

In performing the standing long jump, the jumper stands at a line marked on the ground with his feet slightly apart. The athlete takes off and lands using both feet, swinging his arms and bending his knees to provide forward drive. In Olympic rules, the measurement used was the longest of three tries. The jump must be repeated if the athlete falls back or takes a step at take-off.

Ray Ewry set the world record for the standing long jump (on September 3, 1904) as well as the standing high jump (1.65 m on July 16, 1900). The record is now held by Norwegian Arne Tvervaag, who jumped 3.71 metres in Noresund on 11 November 1968.

When indoor arenas were built, the standing long jump began to disappear as an event. Today, Norway is the only country where the standing long jump is a national championship event. The Norwegian Championships in Standing Jumps (long jump and high jump) has been held in Stange every winter since 1995.

In Canada, students in elementary schools can compete in the standing long jump along with every other track and field event except the javelin throw, discus throw, hammer throw, pole vault and track events longer than the 1500 meter run.

The standing long jump is also one of the events at the NFL combine as well as the physical fitness test that cadets must complete at the Royal Military College of Canada. Joseph Derby of Stafford, held a record of jumping 32 feet from a standing start. He used weights in each hand to assist him. He was able to jump 13 feet backwards

Olympic medalists

1900 Paris
1904 St. Louis
1906 Athens
1908 London
1912 Stockholm

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