[stand-fast, -fahst]

Standfast is a two-piece Swedish band, formed in 1997 and comprising singer Suzanne Mosson and guitarist Patrick Tucker. The duo are best known for their 2001 single, "Carcrashes".


In 1997, Suzanne Mosson met Patrick Tucker, then a studio and tour musician, in Stockholm and decided to try their luck as a team. They rented a tiny rehearsal studio, acquired an 8-track recorder and a cheap red plastic organ and started writing and recording. They soon had a bunch of songs and set out to get a record deal.

Suzanne and Patrick wanted to present their songs to a record company in person, but EMI refused telling them to send a demo or "forget it". Two days later they called and said they liked "No Longer" and wanted to sign the band. And the rest is as you may or may not know history.

Their self-titled debut album was released in 2001 and now at last the follow up album " Beneath & Beyond" is to be released on April the 11th 2007 on their own label - Beastie Music Records. It was recorded by Christoffer Lundqvuist at his Aerosol Grey Machine studio on and off between September 2005 and July 2006. Patrick's brother Ava plays a number of various and odd looking keyboards, Jens Jansson drums and CL recorded, produced, mixed, mastered and plays bass plus a large variety of instruments. The first single to be released from the album is "Devil".


Studio albums

Year Album Label Other Information
2001 Standfast EMI Music Sweden Singles prod by Arnthor. Album prod by P.Tucker/Alar Suurna
2007 Beneath & Beyond Beastie Music Records Recorded at AGM. Produced by Christoffer Lundqvist


  • "Carcrashes"
  • "Look At Me Now"
  • "No Longer"

Singles "Beneath & Beyond"

  • "Devil" (Swedish release)
  • "Bring Me Home" (Swedish release)
  • "The Unknown" (Swedish release)


  • The name "Standfast" is, in fact, Patrick's middle name - a relic from Viking times meaning "strong and resolute".
  • Interestingly, Standfast is more well-known in the Mandarin music scene than in the English one, due to the appearance of their track "Lullaby for Lucas" in the Hong Kong/Singapore movie Turn Left, Turn Right.
  • Standfast's song "Skin to Skin" was recently featured on an episode of the hit show The L Word.

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