stage manager

Assistant stage manager

An ASM or assistant stage manager is a theater technician who is responsible for keeping track of cast members, sets, and miscellaneous details during rehearsals and production of a stage performance. During the running of a show, they are usually located backstage. They can communicate with performers and technicians locally as well as other technicians in the running crew using a headset. They usually report to the Production Stage Manager.

Some possible duties and responsibilities of an ASM

  1. Attend all rehearsals as needed by the Stage Manager
  2. Assist with the running of props and costume pieces
  3. Follow the "book" and prompt
  4. Cue actors' entrances and set changes
  5. Run lines with actors when asked
  6. Prepare the rehearsal stage for work each day (sweep, mop, set furniture, etc.)
  7. Run errands for the director and stage manager
  8. Participate in strike
  9. Assist the stage manager in any assignments given.
  10. Attend all production meetings.
  11. Supervise all crews backstage during tech week and performance.
  12. Inspect the stage before each performance.
  13. Inspect and sweep the rehearsal space before each rehearsal.
  14. Supervise the proper storage and placement of all props, furniture, movable set pieces, and costumes before and after each rehearsal and performance.
  15. Be in contact with the stage manager during rehearsal period and all performances.

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