stack the cards

Stack the Deck


Stack the Deck is a pricing game on the American television game show The Price Is Right. Debuting October 9, 2006 and created by Bart Eskander , it is played for a car and uses grocery items.

Game play

The contestant is shown seven different digits (in the style of playing cards), five of which are the digits in the price of the car.

The contestant is given an opportunity to "stack the deck" in their favor and receive up to three digits of the car's price in their correct positions. The contestant is shown three pairs of grocery items, one at a time. Each pair has a price displayed, and the contestant must select the item that correctly corresponds to the price. For each correct answer the contestant may choose a digit in the price of the car to be revealed (e.g. "the fourth number in the price").

After the three prices have been guessed, the contestant must fill in the remaining slots correctly using the remaining cards to win the car. The car's price is then revealed by flipping over the game title.

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