Stacey, sometimes spelled Staci, Stacie or Stacy is a common first name (and sometimes a last name as well) for women, and sometimes men (7.87% of the time). The most common male spelling is "Stacey".

The meaning of the name is disputed. Baby naming guides cite two alternative English derivations of Greek origins; Eustachios meaning "bountiful grapes", and Anastasia, which in Greek means "resurrection". Eustachios also provides the name Eustace and hence the bountiful grapes meaning is often applied to boys and the resurrection meaning applied to girls.

Anastasia in turn is derived from the two words "Ana" meaning up and "Stasis" mean standing or stable. In both the male and female names, the alternative meaning of "stable" or "upstanding" may be applied.

Other related names include Eustacia Stasia and Stasha.

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