Squaw Valley

Valley, eastern California, U.S. Squaw Valley is located in the Sierra Nevada range on the eastern slope of Squaw Peak, northwest of Lake Tahoe. A world-famous winter sports area, it has ice-skating facilities, ski lifts, and trails, and it was the site of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games.

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Squaw's Tit is a mountain in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta.

Squaw's Tit is an unofficial name of the high point of a ridge that lies west of Mount Charles Stewart and Mount Lady Macdonald near Canmore. The peak owes its name to the resemblance it shares with a woman's upturned breast. Due to its politically incorrect name, it is unlikely to receive official status but is in common use.


The scrambling route is graded moderate but includes exposure and thus is strongly recommended that the ascent only be done in dry conditions.

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