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Spy Glass Blue

Spy Glass Blue, a Post-punk / New Wave / Brit Pop band formed by Allan Aguirre of Scaterd Few, is credited for legitimizing and authenticating the Post Punk genre in ACM much in the same way that Scaterd Few defined Punk Rock in CCM. In the words of the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music, Spy Glass Blue is a "rare example of Christian goth music." As Allan's solo effort, shows Allan's artier ("mellower, artistic") side where Scaterd Few showed his edgier side.


Spy Glass Blue was founded in 1995 and immediately released a self titled vinyl EP. Their first album was releasd the next year, but because of record label issues didn't achieve widespread distribution until 1997. Though Aguirre's vocal style "embodies Bowie's vocal nuances" Spy Glass Blue's music is not at all derivitive. Shadows contains a gothic rock musical style that swings between "light and airy", "dark, haunting, moody", and psychedelic. According to one rewiewer "Shadows plays mind games with the listener" with its music and deep lyrics. Lyrically it hides it's deep meanings in a way that is "sometmes hard to follow." An example is in the song "Stygan", which hides the dangers of stumbling in faith in the words "apostolic apostacy". The overall theme of the album is "the confusion of life without Christ."

Band members


  • Drums: Kris Rosentrater
  • Bass: River Tunnell
  • Keyboards: Joshua Pyle (Audio Paradox)
  • Guitar: Kane Kelly


  • Drums: Kris Rosentrater
  • Bass: River Tunnell
  • Guitar: Kane Kelly


  • Drums: Jason Perez
  • Bass: Danny
  • Bass: Brian May
  • Guitar: Sergio
  • Guitar: Stephen Bellinski


Additionally, a track was recorded for a second installment of the Terry Scott Taylor tribute disc When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos. The disc was never released, but Aguirres’ “When Worlds Collide” is available for download Kane Kelly is currently working with Dark Matter and the Cosmic String


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