A sprint is a sharp burst of forward movement.

Sprint may refer to:

  • Sprint (race), a type of short race in athletics
  • Sprint Nextel, a major Cellular telecommunications company in the United States originally called Sprint until July 2005. For landline service formerly Sprint, see Embarq.
  • Sprint (cycling), a track event involving a one-on-one match race between opponents who start next to each other
  • Sprint (missile), an anti-ballistic missile
  • Sprint (word processor), software published by Borland
  • Sprint, a development phase in the Scrum software engineering method.
  • Sprint Music, a record label

Sprint may also mean:

See also

   * Sprint Expressway, the main expressway network in Klang Valley, Malaysia.
   * Chevrolet Sprint, a re-badged version of the Suzuki Swift
   * Sprint car racing, auto racing with small, high-powered vehicles
   * Alfa Romeo Sprint, automobile produced by Alfa Romeo between 1976 and 1989
   * Eastern Sprints, a rowing championship
   * Sprint, a business term meaning a brief campaign within a longer sales promotion program designed to maintain interest and excitement
   * Open source software development and hacking : an accelerated hackathon, a brief, intense software development gathering
   * Sprint 2, a series of racing video games from Atari
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