Spool can mean one of the following:

  • Spool, an unflanged plastic cylindrical hub on which magnetic tape is wound in a compact cassette.
  • Spool, a usually low-flanged or unflanged cylinder on which thread, wire, cable, paper, or film is wound for distribution and use.
  • Bobbin, a cylinder or reel on which a quantity of thread, yarn or wire is wound for use in a particular machine or device.
  • Spooling, a physical or metaphorical data storage device in computing.
  • Spool, a shaft of a gas turbine engine. Spooling up usually refers to a jet engine spinning up.
  • Spool, a large spa/small pool (an insulated inground small pool with spa jets built-in, named by Insulated Water Structures).
  • Spool, a verb used to describe a turbocharger or supercharger on a car engine beginning to spin and deliver power.
  • Spool, a term for a solid axle, one which does not have a differential to allow a wheel speed difference from side to side.
  • Spool, a band from London, Canada in the 1990s who released music on Derivative Records as well as a song on a Purderous Magina Records compilation.

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