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Amphoe Dok Khamtai

Dok Khamtai (ดอกคำใต้) is a district (Amphoe) of Phayao Province in northern Thailand.


Originally created in 1832, the district was abolished on December 23 1917 and incorporated into Phayao district. It was recreated as a minor district (King Amphoe) on January 24 1963. It was finally upgraded back to a full district on July 27 1965.


Dok Khamtai is the Thai name of Sponge Tree (Acacia farnesiana (L.) Willd.). The past, the tree was plenty in the area of district office.


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Pa Daet of Chiang Rai Province, Chun, Pong and Chiang Muan of Phayao Province, Song of Phrae Province, Ngao of Lampang Province, and Mueang Phayao and Phu Kamyao of Phayao again.

The important water resource is the Ing River.


The district is subdivided into 12 subdistrics (tambon), which are further subdivided into 124 villages (muban). There are two townships (thesaban tambon) - Dok Khamtai covers parts of tambon Dok Khamtai, Don Si Chum, Sawang Arom, and the whole tambon Bun Koet. Ban Tham covers the whole tambon Ban Tham. There are further 9 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Inh.
1. Dok Khamtai ดอกคำใต้ 6,274
2. Don Si Chum ดอนศรีชุม 6,222
3. Ban Tham บ้านถ้ำ 8,510
4. Ban Pin บ้านปิน 5,526
5. Huai Lan ห้วยลาน 9,326
6. San Khong สันโค้ง 6,594
7. Pa Sang ป่าซาง 5,379
8. Nong Lom หนองหล่ม 5,968
9. Dong Suwan ดงสุวรรณ 5,338
10. Bun Koet บุญเกิด 5,037
11. Sawang Arom สว่างอารมณ์ 4,243
12. Khue Wiang คือเวียง 4,788


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