Splat may refer to:

  • A mark/spot on a surface caused by a liquid material (paint, etc)
  • SPLAT (S.P.L.A.T.) Spongefied Plant Leaf Adjuvant Treatment. All Natural Spray treatment that increases the efficacy of spray applications on foliage. It is best used with contact herbicides, contact fungicides, contact insecticides or even foliar feeding applications. It helps retain these applied ingredients on the surface of the plant minimizing wash-off for 21 days and greatly improves rainfastness. Aquatic Safe, Rainfast & UV protection, 1 gallon treats 25 acres.
  • Splat, an element of the chair
  • Splat, A musical to teach the NSW School Values
  • Splat, a computer science colloquialism for the asterisk symbol
  • Texture splat, a computer graphics effect
  • Nickelodeon SPLAT!, a former programming block Nickelodeon
  • SPLAT!, a Canadian documentary series about animation featuring such artists as Craig McCraken and Bill Plimpton
  • Character class (slang), derived from the term splatbook
  • Remote control (slang)
  • Splat Pack, a collection of filmmakers


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