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Wild 'n Out

Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'n Out is a show on MTV starring Nick Cannon.


Similar in premise to game-type shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the show pits two teams of comedians: the "Red Squad", captained by Cannon and contained Katt Williams for the first 3 seasons, and the "Black Squad" led by a celebrity guest, against each other in a series of "improvisational" comedy games. The show is said to be improv-comedy, but sometimes you can see the comedians reading off of a prompt. After three such games, the two teams square off against each other in the final round of the game called Wild Style, in which they must insult the other team member(s) within a freestyle rap. The comedians "beef" with each other, however some are impersonal jokes. Although, similar to Whose Line, the "points don't matter", the teams score one point per round victory during the normal rounds, plus one point per favorably judged punchline during Wild Style. Each episode also includes a musical performance, occasionally by the guest captain for the Black Squad. At times, the musical guest comes out just before Wild Style as the judge for the beefs.

When ratings for the first season proved to be successful, MTV requested 10 more episodes for a second season which premiered on February 2, 2006. Major changes were implemented for the new season including shifting the show location to Hollywood and the teams now compete for a "Wild 'n Out" Championship belt which if the Black Squad wins, the team captain gets to take home.

The first season of the show was officially released as a 3 disc "uncensored" DVD box set on 7 March 2006. The episodes are only somewhat uncensored, but not as much as the MTV episodes. The musical performances are completely cut as well. The first 2 discs contain the 10 episodes of the entire season (Episodes 1-5 on Disc 1 and 6-10 on Disc 2) with the 3rd disc containing special features including extra unaired games and bloopers.

Wild 'n Out season 3 has finished airing on MTV. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 can be seen in repeats on both MTV and MTV2, usually for overnight fill-ins. Additionally, 2 episodes of the show were produced specifically for Spring Break in Cancún, Mexico. These episodes also air on MTV and MTV2. The fourth season premiered on June 7, 2007.

The show is broadcast along Cannon's other MTV program, Short Circuitz, as part of the Nick Cannon Power Hour.


  • R & Beef:

Each team is given a topic by the audience for a has to make up and sing on the spot. The audience votes on which song is the funnier of the two.

  • Talkin' Spit:

The team captains each sit in a chair facing each other, holding in a mouthful of water. Each team's members in turn must act as if they are voicing their captain's thoughts and crack a joke in order to make the opposing captain laugh and spit out his or her water, thusly causing a spit take (even if the amount of water released is a tiny dribble, it counts as a "spit out"). The opposing team is credited with a point, and the team whose captain spits the least wins. There has been one variant on this game in which instead of the team captains sitting in the chairs 2 Wild 'n Out Girls were in the chairs and each team (Captain included) cracked jokes. Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland was the first team captain to score a point for her own team in a regular game by forcing Nick Cannon to spit. Example: Kelly Rowland "It's O.K. Nick just swallow."

  • Star Sightings:

Two members of each team look through the studio audience for members that bear a striking, passing or humorous resemblance to a celebrity. DJ D-Wrek judges how funny each comment is; the team with the most bells wins.

  • You Can't Say That S--t!:

Two members of each team must come up with a call-and-answer joke. The first line must be completely innocent, while the response must contain a funny and nearly explicit double entendre.

  • Pioneers:

Team members will act like they're the first person to do a certain thing DJ D-Wrek mentions. D-Wrek will judge if it's funny or not.

  • 60-Second Sequel:

This game is usually introduced before the second commercial. Each team is given the name of a movie before the commercial, and has about 60 seconds (hence the game's title) to come up with a fake trailer for a sequel to that movie.

  • Got Props?:

Similar to the "Props" game in Whose Line, each team is given an odd item to use as a prop in as many ways as possible. DJ D-Wrek judges each use.

  • Jokin' Word

DJ D-Wrek will give a topic and each team will try to put in the form of poetry. D-Wrek will judge if the poem is funny or whack.

  • Questions:

Similar to Whose Line's "Questions Only", one member of each team at a time must follow a particular situation suggestion while only speaking to each other in questions. Any hesitation or non-question by a player awards a bell to the other team.

  • Tore Up from the Floor Up:

The teams pick members from the audience to participate in a "fashion show". Once the participants are chosen, each team selects 2 members to provide commentary on the members they have chosen. (Originally in Season 1 the teams had to take turns delivering the commentaries on only the people that their team had chosen. In Seasons 2 through 4 the teams can let fly with jokes on every single audience member involved in the game at any time)

  • I'm on the List:

Each team captain acts as a club bouncer, while the team members act as various celebrities, which the "bouncer" must identify from their partner's acting and behaviors. The identity of the celebrity will be posted on a video screen behind the captain so that only the team player, the audience and the home viewer can see it. The most correct answers within 90 seconds wins the round for their team.

  • Don't Push Me 'Cuz I'm Close to the Edge

A prop ledge will be placed on the stage and a member from each team will try to state that their lives are more pathetic. Whoever has the most pathetic life of the 2 will get nudged by the Grim Reaper and score for their team (sometimes he nudges both). Whoever has the most pathetic lives at the end of the round wins. (Example: Mikey Day " I bought a three piece Nick Cannon album, and I listened to them all.", Leonard " I went to a gas station, and this homeless guy sold me all of his movies.")

  • Rest In Peace:

One member of each team will each have to say something that would be on a tombstone that D-Wrek mentions. If it's funny it gets a bell if it doesn't a buzzer. example: Katt Williams has to say something on Usher's tombstone: "I asked to be cremated, bitch Let It Burn"

  • That's My Dog:

One member of the team (usually the captain) is placed in an isolation booth. That player will act as Lassie's owner; the audience comes up with a situation that Timmy (the character from Lassie) might be in and what happened to him. Once the situation is set, the captain is released and another member of their team must act like Lassie and act out what happened. The team captain that figures it out quicker wins the round for his or her team.

  • Interrogation:

Set up similar to "That's My Dog", the team captain is again placed in an isolation booth. The audience comes up with a celebrity and a crime. The captain then comes out and is interrogated by two members of their team as if they are that celebrity and committed that crime; the captain must figure out who they are supposed to be and what crime they committed. The quickest team wins the round.

  • The Hating Game:

In this inverted version of the Dating Game, one "Bachelor" from each team is chosen while a female "contestant" (usually a celebrity visitor to the show's audience) asks questions to both bachelors. The "bachelors" must act as unlovable as possible, and the "bachelorette" must choose which of the two she would least want to go out on a date with.

  • Unhappily Ever After:

Played in a style similar to "60-Second Sequel", each team is given a nursery rhyme, fable, or children's story before the commercial break and must come up with a skit based on that story. The audience reaction chooses the funnier skit, which wins the round for that team.

  • Snap on These Shots:

Teams must come up with funny jokes or captions to a series of celebrity pictures. DJ D-Wrek judges the jokes.

  • World's Worst:

The audience members supply DJ D-Wrek with a list of occupations, and the teams have to come up with their idea of who would be the worst person in the world to ever hold that job.

  • Deaf-Jam:

The game plays in a similar fashion to "I'm On the List". The team captain acts as the DJ of a particularly loud club, and each member must pantomime the title and/or artist of the song they're chosen to request. (An example of this: In Season 1, with Cannon acting as the Red Squad's DJ, his fellow team member Rasika Mathur had to act out the song "Bump and Grind" by R. Kelly. So to get him to guess the title (unsuccessfully), Mathur tried a suggestive dance that only succeeded in distracting Cannon. Mathur joked that she just wanted to dance up against Cannon.) The team with the most correctly identified titles in 90 seconds wins.

  • Do Dat Dance:

Team members must come up with a new or modified version of audience-suggested dance moves. DJ D-Wrek judges each dance by signalling bell or buzzer and the team with the most bells wins the round A variant of this game is shown as an unaired game in the Christina Milian episode of the Season 1 DVD set in which both teams performed the same dance and the better team gained a point.

  • Outgoing Message:

Team members must come up with an amusing outgoing message for the celebrity named. DJ D-Wrek judges each message with bells and buzzers and the most bells wins the round for the team.

  • Remix:

Each team takes a nursery rhyme or children's song suggested by the audience and does a hip-hop remix. The winner is determined by the audience reaction.

  • Couples Counseling:

Set-up similar to "I'm on the List" and "Deaf-Jam", each team captain acts as a couples counselor, while the team members act as various celebrity twosomes, which the "counselor" must identify. The most correct answers within 90 seconds wins the round for their team.

  • Crystal Ballin:

Each team must choose one member of their team to act as a "psychic" while another member goes into the audience and chooses random audience members to have ask the "psychic" to predict the future. DJ D-Wrek judges funny responses with bells and weak responses with a buzzer. The team with the most bells wins the round.

  • What Had Happened Was...

In this game each team is given a real life situation for which there is a seemingly negative reason (Example: President Bush needing to explain why the response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina was so mismanaged). The team must them choose one member to go and give a funny response as the reason the situation came to pass. Each response can begin with the phrase "What had happened was...", but it is not a set requirement. Good responses are awarded with a bell and bad ones with a buzzer. Most bells wins the round.

  • Let Me Holla:

Each team has members use their best pick-up lines on a Wild 'n Out Girl. Funny pick-up lines are awarded with a bell (Example: Lloyd: "You know I'm not Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock."), corny pick-up lines with a buzzer. (Example: Leonard Robinson: "Listen here baby, you ain't never had herpes like this.")

  • So Fly:

The teams have to try to score points by bragging about their team captain. Funny brags score a bell while weak ones earn a buzzer (Example: Mikey Day: "My man Rev Run is so fly..."/Audience: "HOW FLY IS HE?"/Day: "He's so fly, he's got a 50,000 dollar limit... on his library card!" In the Jim Jones episode, the game was called "So Ballin'".

  • Lift Every Voice:

This game is a modified gospel version of "R & Beef" and "Remix". Each team (dressed in church robes) is given a particular topic about an audience member and the team has to sing a song on the spot about it. DJ D-Wrek and a "Wild 'n Out" Girl judge by audience reaction which is the funnier of the 2.

  • Who's Your Daddy?:

This game is played similarly to "I'm On the List", "Deaf Jam" and "Couples Counseling". The team captain has to identify whose celebrity child (real or imagined) the team member is pretending to be. Team with the most correct in 90 seconds wins the round.

  • Thanks for Nothing:

The game is a modified version of "What Had Happened Was..." In this game, the teams are asked to "accept" an "award" for a project that certain celebrities should not have been too proud to be part of (Example: On Kelly Rowland's appearance she was the Black Squad team captain and was ragged on for her feature film debut in Freddy Vs. Jason. Rowland's response: "$50 million opening weekend. Thank you ladies and gentlemen." For that, she scored a point for Black Squad). Funny responses get a bell with weak responses getting buzzed.

  • Dictionary:

In this game each squad is given a word from the dictionary and then one member of that squad has to use that word in a sentence with the only rule being that it has to be funny. Example: When the Black Squad was given the word "asinine", Corey Holcomb stepped up to the microphone and said, "Girl you better get back in the house. Your 'asinine' (ass is nine) months pregnant." Example: When the Red Squad was given the word "licorice", Mikey Day said (in an Asian accent) "Oh, there's a shooting star, licorice (make a wish)." "Example: When the Red Squad was given the word "soda", Mikey & (Taran) said, " Uh... I saw Underclassman and I was disappointed because it wasn't that good." "(Well Nick Cannon was in it soda.)" (so duh...)

  • Before & After:

In this game the teams are given an event and they must act out what happened before said event happened and then what happened after the event. Funny responses earn a bell and weak ones get a buzzer.

  • A-B-C Deez Nutz:

This game is featured as an unaired game from the Season 1 DVD box set. Each team sends up one member and start a conversation based on a scenario DJ D-Wrek provides. The players go back and forth in conversation, but the rule is that the players must listen to the first letter of the first word in the conversation. The other player must begin the first word in their statement with the letter that immediately follows it in the alphabet. A point is scored if 1) a player hesitates, 2) the wrong letter is used, or 3) DJ D-Wrek calls for a stop to the conversation.

  • Pop Goes the Culture:

This game is an unaired game featured on the Season 1 DVD set. In this game the audience suggests the names of famous people in history and the team must then act out a scene that alters the story to give it a more current pop culture reference to the person mentioned (Example: When Red Squad was given William Shakespeare as a topic the story was altered to have him be assisted in writing one of his classic plays, Romeo and Juliet, from Will Smith). The audience must choose the better of the 2 scenes.

  • Plead the Fif:

This game was first introduced in Season 3. One member of each team takes the witness stand on set. Then, one member on each team asks the opposite team member on the witness stand an embarrassing question. If they could answer the question, they get a point. If they refuse to answer the question, they "plead the fif", thus the game's name, and the other team gets a point. (Example: Taran Killam to Nick Cannon when Big Boi was on the show: "What album did you like better, The Love Below or Speakerboxxx?)

  • Home Jeeves:

This game was first introduced in Season 3. It is similar to that of "I'm On The List", "Deaf Jam", and "Couples Counseling". The captain of one team pretends to be the driver of a limousine. Then, a member on the same team pretends to be a famous person riding in the back of the limo. The team whose captain who correctly names the most celebrities in 90 seconds wins the game.

  • Pillow Talk:

One player from each team sits down on a bed. DJ D-Wrek then tells them each celebrity they are going to be playing. They each take turns saying a funny thing based on the celebrity they are impersonating, but also relating to getting their "squabble" on in bed, as DJ D-Wrek says. Funny sayings get a point, while bad ones get a buzzer. The team that gets the most points wins the game.

  • Slanguage:

A representative from each team will converse a sentence depending from what city they came from while the opposing team will try to decode the sentence to laymen's term. For example, Shawty (from Atlanta) & E40 (from Bay Area)

  • Stop Hatin:

Two people from each team must say something to make a member from the other team hate on them if they hate then the other team gets the point.

  • Family Reunion:

Players from each team go out into the audience and sing a song introducing them as if they were their favourite relative. If it's funny they get a point(Example: When guest Ne-Yo was playing, he came up with, "This is my cousin and we kick it all the time. His girlfriend's pregnant with a baby that just might be mine." )

  • Finish This Famous Line:

DJ D-Wrek starts a famous line and the teams have to finish it and make the line funny. Both teams get a turn per line. Bells and Buzzers Apply.

  • If I Ruled The World:

Two people act as presidents. Other teammates go to the audience to get questions. The "presidents" must answer the question. but it has to be funny. Bells & Buzers appply.

  • WildStyle:

This game is played as a 'bonus round' at the end of every contest. Each team, to the beat of the music, lays down a punchline, usually a dis at a member of the opposite team, and if it's funny, they score a point for their team. Since the score is usually 2-1, it's easy for either team to take the win. Examples: Katt to Spanky: "If you don't like my hair then I could wear a hat. But you broke and you're fat there ain't no hat for that".Katt to Spanky: I did Friday after next you did barbershop I give Cube his props and that's where it stops.", Randall to Marques: "With hair like that you're looking like a retard, clean yourself up you might get your green card", Affion to Ne-Yo: "Hey yo, Ne-Yo let me show you how I get down. Stop doing Michael Jackson leave that to Chris Brown

Season 1

The first season contains a total of 10 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from July 28, 2005 to September 29, 2005.

# Team Captain Writer Performer/Guest Original airdate # in total
1 "Orlando Jones" Nick Cannon Cassidy/Biz Markie July 28, 2005 1
The first episode sets off the whole season. The start off the show by playing “The Questions Game” from where the black and red team can only ask each other questions. Orlando Jones comes up with a funny question, “Did Yo Mamma tell you”, and wins it for the Black Team. The second game they play is “Tore up from the Floor Up”. They bring people out of the audience that they think looks funny and make fun of them. They win that. The 3rd game is “I’m On the List!” game, the Black Team and the Red Team have to play out celebrities and the team captains have to figure it out and let them in the club. The Red Team wins the 3rd game. And the last game is called “Wild Style”. The cast has to go head to head freestyling each other and making punch lines who ever is the funniest wins the whole game. The Red Team Wins the whole thing! Cassidy comes through and plays "I'm A Hustla" from his album 'I'm A Hustla"
2 "Christina Milian" Nick Cannon Common August 4, 2005 2
Nick Cannon on the Red Team, goes against Christina Millian on the Black Team to see who can win. Christina Millian tries to take Nick Cannon's comedy crown. They play the "Interrogation Game", "R&Beef" and "Rap Off Competition" like they do at the end of the show every night. Nick Cannon's Red Team wins at the end of the show. Common Performs "Go" from his album and break dances on the floor with Affion Crockett, one of the stars off of "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N' Out".
3 "Ying Yang Twins" Nick Cannon Ying Yang Twins August 11, 2005 3
In this episode the Ying Yang Twins are the captain of the Black Team. In the first game called “Got Props?” the team members get a prop and use them to do funny things. The Black Team wins that round. In the next round called “Star Sightings” the two teams have to go out in the audience and find people that look like celebrities, but do it in a funny way. The Red Team wins that round. Up next is funny game called “That's My Dog”, 1 person from each team has to be a dog, they only can bark and act out things, but they can’t speak. And the other person from each team has to find out what the dog is saying. The Black Team wins that game. In the last round called “Wild Style”, the teams go head to head and do funny punch lines. The Red team wins that round, so that means they win the whole thing. Afterwards the Ying Yang Twins perform their hit song “Wait (The Whisper Song)” from their CD USA (United States of Atlanta).
4 "Kanye West" Nick Cannon Kanye West/Tracee Ellis Ross August 18, 2005 4
This week's episode is with Kanye West, he is the captain of the Black Team. The first game is called “Tore up from the Floor Up”, the team mates go out into the audience and get people that they think looks funny and sends them on stage and make punch lines about them. The Black Team wins that round. Next up is a game called “The Hating Game”, it's like the dating game but the woman picks the guy that she hates the most by their lines. Tracee Ross plays the lady that pick between two guys that she hates the most. The Red Team wins that one. In this round they play a game called the “Unhappily Ever After” game, the audience comes up with a story that the cast comes up with that doesn’t end “Happily Ever After”. The Red Team wins that. In the “Wildstyle” round Kanye West and Nick Cannon's team goes against each other making punch lines as they go along. Kanye's Black Team wins the whole thing. At the end Kanye hypes the crowd with a song from his “Late Registration” album called “Diamonds of Sierra Leone”.
5 "Eva Pigford" Nick Cannon T.I. & P$C August 25, 2005 5
This time the Black Team captain is Eva Pigford. In the first game “Snap on the Shots”, the team members off of each team make jokes of pictures that come up on a screen, if it's funny they get a ding if it's not they get a buzzard. The Black Team wins that round. The 2nd game 1 person from each team has to sit in a chair and put water in his or hers mouth, one of the people from each team and has to say something funny so that the other person can spit the water out of their mouth and win a point. The Red Team takes that round. The 3rd game is “60 Second Sequel” where the audience screams out a movie so that the team members can make a sequel to it. If the audience screams loud for a team that team wins. The Red team wins that round. In the last round “Wildstyle” the two teams go head to head making punch lines; the Red Team wins the last round. At the end T.I. and P$C performs "Set It Out".
6 "Kenan Thompson" Nick Cannon Pussycat Dolls September 1, 2005 6
This episode Kenan Thompson comes through and is the captain of the Black Team. In the 1st game “World's Worst” the team members have to do a skit and make fun of things that a person can do the worst of. The Red Team wins that round. In the next game is called “Star Sightings”, the two teams go out and find people in the audience that look like stars. In the 3rd game called “Unhappily Ever After”, the team members make a skit of stories that end happily ever after, but the team has to make their ending unhappy and funny. The Red Team wins. In the last game “Wildstyle” they go against each other making funny punch lines. The Red Team wins it all. At the end the Pussycat Dolls perform their hit single “Don’t Cha”.
7 "Fonzworth Bentley" Nick Cannon Trillville/Vanessa Minnillo September 8, 2005 7
In this episode Farnsworth Bentley is the captain of the Black Team. In the first game called “Got Props?” the Wild N’ Out members have to do something funny with the props that are given to them. The Black Team takes that round. In the next game “Tore up from the Floor Up” the cast goes out and finds people they think is funny and send them on stage to make fun of them and how they are dressed. The Black Team wins that one. TRL’S host Vanessa Minnillo selects the Red Team as she plays the game “The Hating Game”, the Red Team wins that round. In the last round “Wildstyle” the Black Team wins overall. After the show Trillville plays a hit song from their album “Some Cut”.
8 "Omarion" Nick Cannon Lil' Wayne September 15, 2005 8
In the 8th episode Omarion is the captain of the Black Team. In the first game “World's Worst” the members do things that people can be the worst at, the Red Team wins the 1st round. In the 2nd round they play a game called “Do Dat Dance” DJ D-Wrek has to come up with a new dance move and the cast has to create it. The Red Team wins again. In the next game called “Deaf Jam” they have to play out a song without saying any words, and their team mate has to figure it out. The Red Team wins this round too. In the last game “Wildstyle” everyone pitches in and goes against others. The Black team wins overall. Lil’ Wayne performs Earthquake after the show.
9 "Kevin Hart" Nick Cannon David Banner September 22, 2005 9
Kevin Hart Joins his black team crew in a game called "That's My Dog". That's where one team mate has to be a dog and the other has to be a person who tries to figure out what the person is saying. The Black Team wins that round. The next round DJ D-Wrek explains "The Questions Game" where a Red Team Mate and a Black Team Mate has to keep asking questions, and if one team mate doesn't know a question to ask the other team wins the point. The Red Team Wins the round. In the Next Game "60 Second Sequel" Both of the teams are giving a movie to make a sequel to. The Black Team Wins that round. In the last round "WildStyle", At the end the black team wins. David Banner get the crowd hyped with a song.
10 "Method Man" Nick Cannon Lil' Scrappy September 29, 2005 10
Method Man comes through, captain of the Black Team. They start it off playing the game "You Can't Say That Shit" were you can say bad things but not make it obvious you are saying it. The Black Team wins that. The next game they play is called "Star Sighting" where the person has to find an audience member that looks like a celebrity. The Black Team wins. Next up is the "R&Beef Game", you have to sings songs that are really funny. The Black Team wins that one. At the end they play the "WildStyle" game, The Red Team wins the whole thing. Lil' Scrappy then performs No Problem.

Season 2

The second season contains a total of 10 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from February 2, 2006 to April 6, 2006.

Season 3

The third season contains a total of 8 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from August 10, 2006 to October 5, 2006. There were also 2 episodes that were broadcasted between season 3 and season 4 called spring break.

Spring Break

Season 4

The fourth season contains a total of 18 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from May 12, 2007 to September 6, 2007.

Wild 'n Out made 50 Cent on the set as team captain and performer on March 18, 2008 which was made as a late episode of Wild 'n Out's season 4. However, due to constant profanity and sexual activities by the participants, the episode was later banned in MTV and MTV2 leaving only the earlier episodes for season 4 of Wild 'n Out.

Season 5

There has been no confirmation regarding a fifth season, as of October 2008.

Cast list

Numbers indicate season appearance


  • Besides Nick Cannon, the only cast members who appeared in all 4 seasons are Affion Crockett, Leonard Robinson, Mikey Day, Spanky Hayes, Rasika Mathur, DeRay Davis and Rob Hoffman. Katt Williams departed after season 3, but will return as a special guest captain for season 4. Nyima Funk left after the Spring Break edition.
  • After the first 19 episodes of Season 4, Cannon's combined win-loss record on the show is 26-21 (he finished Season 1 with a 6-3 record, finished Season 2 with a 7-3 record, finished Season 3 with a 4-4 record, and as of episode 19, has a Season 4 record of 9-10.)
  • Broken down further, Cannon has had a better track record against the female celebrities that have appeared on the show than against male celebs. Cannon's record against male Black Squad team captains is 21-17 (or a .480 average) while he has a 5-4 record (or a .571 average) against female Black Squad team captains (Won against Christina Milian and Eva Pigford in Season 1, Kelly Rowland and Tyra Banks in Season 2 and lost to Brooke Hogan, Tara Reid, Serena Williams and Sommore and won against Paula DeAnda in Season 4). Additionally so far, Milian, Pigford, Hogan, Reid, Williams, DeAnda and Sommore are the only female Black Squad captains to score individual points in the WildStyle game.
  • Additionally, Cannon has now lost all of the following 3 Season Premieres to, respectively: Lil Jon, Big Boi from OutKast, and Snoop Dogg.
  • The longest win streak in the series for Cannon and the Red Squad is 5 matches set in Season 2. After a 2-3 start to the season, Cannon and the Red Squad won the 5 remaining episodes of Season 2. The Black Squad team captain in those matches were, in episode order : Kelly Rowland, Mike Jones, Charlie Murphy, Wayne Brady and Mike Epps. The Black Squad had last won in the episode with Rev Run as the team captain. The streak was snapped in the Season 3 premiere with Big Boi from OutKast as the captain of the Black Squad. The longest win streak for the Black Squad is 7 matches, winning in the season 3 finale and the first 6 episodes of season 4. The Black Squad team captains during that streak were, in episode order: Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Steve-O, Fabolous and Brooke Hogan. The Red Team won the next episode with Redman as the Black Squad team captain.
  • The Championship Belt that became part of Season 2, which some could compare to a championship belt in professional wrestling, was similar in every episode with the exception of the Rev Run episode. In that episode, the belt looked like one that would normally be awarded in a boxing match (with a feather-like look to it; similar to the Rocky series). For the 4th Season, the belt has a new "spinner" faceplate (similar to the current WWE Championship belt design).
  • Warren Sapp is the first Black Squad captain to give the Comedy Championship Belt back after winning it in WildStyle.
  • So far, Andy Milonakis, Jamie Kennedy, Steve-O, Brooke Hogan, Pauly Shore and Tara Reid are the only white Black Squad captains. Andy Milonakis was the first to appear, and Jamie Kennedy was the first to win WildStyle and the entire game.
  • The single highest individual point scorer in a round of WildStyle is Talib Kweli, who by himself scored 8 of his team's total points for the game in the WildStyle round. (Before WildStyle, Kweli's team was down 2-1). Kanye West came in second by scoring 6 points for his team in season 1. (The Black Team ended up winning the game 6-9). On the DVD release of the show, on the bonus disc, there is an extended version of the WildStyle battle in which West actually scores more, edited for time. Additionally, West was the first WildStyle participant to score multiple points in one turn when he first delivered a verse that scored against Cannon, Rasika Mathur and Katt Williams in succession, then followed it up by scoring 3 more points against Leonard Robinson, Affion Crockett, and the entire Red Squad on a second turn to close the game. In the original extended version of the game (on the Best of WildStyle) West's 1st verse actually was directed towards Cannon, Mathur, Robinson and Williams in succession but the edit removed the comment directed at Robinson. Biz Markie is the first Red Squad cast member to get multi-points. He successfully scored against Swizz Beatz, Mikey Day, Taran Killam, and Rasika Mathur, but couldn't get a punchline towards Corey Holcomb.
  • Snoop Dogg, Lloyd and Fabulous are the most recent Black Squad team captains to score at least 4 consecutive points against Red Squad in WildStyle, but only Fabulous did so by overcoming a deficit to win (Fabulous was down 5-2, but scored on Nick Cannon, Spanky Hayes, Shawty, and Affion Crockett in that order, coming back to win 6-5.)
  • The only cast members to appear in every episode of the series so far are Nick Cannon, Mikey Day, and Leonard Robinson.
  • Katt Williams was on the Red Squad on every episode he appeared on in seasons 1-2 but this changed when he made his first Black team appearance in the Andy Milonakis episode of season 3 and will be the captain of the Black Squad in Season 4.
  • The only cast members consistently on a certain team are Nick Cannon, Rasika Mathur and Shawty on the Red Squad. That changed when Mathur finally made an appearance on the Black Squad in the Swizz Beatz episode and Shawty made his Black Squad debut in the Serena Williams episode.
  • Mikey Day was on the Black Squad in every episode of Season 3.
  • Season 4 will have 20 episodes, the highest number of episodes ever for the show.
  • Season 4 will also have five female Black Squad team captains, the highest number out of any season (Season 1: 2; Season 2: 2; Season 3: none).
  • During the series' run, a number of the cast members appeared in every episode of the season.
    • Season 1: Affion Crockett, Mikey Day, Nyima Funk, Spanky Hayes, Darrel Heath, Rob Hoffman, Leonard Robinson
    • Season 2: Mikey Day, Corey Holcomb, Leonard Robinson
    • Season 3: Affion Crockett, Mikey Day, Nyima Funk, Spanky Hayes, Leonard Robinson
    • Season 4: Affion Crockett, Mikey Day, Spanky Hayes, Corey Holcomb, Leonard Robinson
  • Omarion's appearance on the show in the first season was the first occurrence where the Black Squad won after being down 3-0. (The black team would win 6-5.). Fabulous would do it in Season 4 after being down 5-2.
  • The only TV show that had Method Man perform a song from his under-promoted album, and cousin Redman did the same in season four with his album Red Gone Wild.
  • Paula DeAnda is the second teenaged team captain in the show (Brooke Hogan (at 19) and the youngest one (she is currently 19 years old).
  • Charlie Murphy is currently the oldest special guest to be on the show (he is currently 49 years old).
  • In the Omarion/Lil Wayne episode each team member on each team wore the same type of shoes (Adidas and this became apparent during the game Do Dat Dance)
  • Common was the first Black team captain to not participate in any challenges.
  • When Common prepares for his performance Biz Markie took over as temporary captain for the Black Squad.
  • Nick Cannon recently did a sweepstakes and selected Kole Trigg from Washington Court House, Ohio to be a special judge in the wildstyle battle and he gets a free personalized T-Shirt and his own Comedy Championship Belt. This is an example of one of Nick Cannon's "Special Surprises" he talked about on the first episode of Season 4

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