For the Warhammer Chaos Daemons, see the article on Slaanesh.

Devilette, also know as daemonbabe, daemonchick, daemoness, daemonette or BSD chick is a brunette woman garbed in a red latex catsuit with horns and a tail, stylized after the BSD Daemon. They are often spotted as promotional models at BSD-related events. The original BSD chick was Ceren Ercen of FreeBSD Test Labs, whose position there was "Strange Attractor".

Use in trolls

On the popular site, BSD articles are often inundated with BSD is dying trolls. One result of this is a counter-trolling movement where users post generic, templated comments giving a positive image of BSDs. These include declarations of affection for Ercen, "a genuine geekbabe from the Bay Area", that she is a much cuter/sexier/better mascot than a chubby penguin. These messages can also considered to be trolls.

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