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Botcherby is a suburb and council estate in Carlisle in Cumbria, England, UK and was formerly a village.


Botcherby was first named in 1170 and became part of Carlisle in 1912. The first reference to “Botcherby” (albeit with a different spelling) was when William Rufus (King William II, 1087-1100) granted a large piece of land around Carlisle to a Flemish mercenary officer called “Bochardby” who had served in his army.

The grant was confirmed by William’s successor, Henry I, in a Deed which obliged Bochardby to build a Castle (not for his own use) in the town, also he had to “keep out the Scots and repopulate the district”.

At some point in the 16th century the name was anglicized to “Botcherby”


Botcherby FC play in a local Carlisle league and are almost unknown to most people in England. Unlike Carlisle United who play in the Football League, Botcherby FC are amateurs.

The football team badge is a St Georges Cross topped with a golden crown and flanked by two red dragons with gold trim. Its motto is "Be just and fear not."

Botcherby Fc stats

Carlisle City Sunday League Div 2 runners up 1999-2000 Carlisle City Sunday League Div 1 runners up 2000-2001 Carlisle City Sunday League Premier Division runners up 2001-2002

Botcherby Fc are currently on hiatus with plans to re-form in the 2009-2010 season.

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