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EasyScript Speed Writing

EasyScript Speed Writing is a speedwriting method that could potentially be learned quickly by an average person without extensive training and to apply it in any field or occupation. EasyScript was developed by Lenny Levin who came to the United States from Russia in 1979. It was introduced for the first time at a public seminar (Bedford, Massachusetts) in 1990 and a book EasyScript Express was published in 2001 by Legend Publishing.

It is gaining popularity in the United States and other countries around the world such as United Kingdom , South Africa , New Zealand .


It utilizes basic elements of English grammar such as roots, prefix and All words are divided into five following categories: simple, prefix, suffix, prefix/suffix and compound. EasyScript applies the approach of breaking down a word into a root and prefix and/or suffix and reducing the total number of letters written for each part up to 55%.

1) A SIMPLE word is a word without a prefix or suffix. Examples: be ->b, have -hv

Rule – 1, 2, 3 character codes depending on word length and frequency of usage

2) A PREFIX word has a participle before the root: as under as in understand Rule – 1 prefix letter + 2 or 3 root letters. Example: understand-> usta

3) A SUFFIX word has a participle after the root: as able as in available

Rule – 2 or 3 root letters + 1 suffix letter. Example: available-> avab

4) A PREFIX-SUFFIX word has a participle before & after the root: as un & able in unavoidable

Rule – 1 prefix letter + 2 or 3 root letters + 1 suffix letters. Example: unavoidable->uavob

5) A COMPOUND word is made up of words joined together to form another word.

Rule – 1 letter of 1st word + 2 letters of 2nd word separated by slash [/]

  • Example: copyright -> c/ri.

Longhand Text – 287 characters

We submit the following list of services available for your special filing. Attendance at the Special Permit Hearing and any changes in drawings will be done on an hourly basis. Additionally, this time frame is subject to obtaining data from your Project Administrator or Coordinator. Customer maintenance can be done at an affordable rate.

EasyScript Text – 129 characters - 55.05% reduction of characters written

W smt tf lst o srvs avb fr yr spl flg. Atc at h Spl Pmt hrg d ny chs n drwgs wl b dn on an hry bas. Ady, ths tm fm s sjt t obg dt fm yr Pjt Adr r Cor. Cstr mnc cn b dn at an afb rt.


It was reported that students of EasyScript were able to master the method in one day of study and attain a writing speed of 70 to 80 wpm after three weeks of training. After a further review and practice writing speeds up to 100 words per minute can be attained.

ComputerScript software from Legend Publishing provides automatic transcription from an abbreviated text to readable form. Both ComputerScript and EasyScript use identical abbreviating rules.



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