spectrophotometric analysis


Dimedone is a cyclic diketone used in organic chemistry to determine whether a compound contains an aldehyde group. Cyclohexanediones in general can be used as catalysts in the formation of transition-metal complexes. Other uses include applications in colourimetry, crystallography, luminescence and spectrophotometric analysis. It can also be used for chemistry involving organic compounds of low electrical resistance.

Physical properties

Dimedone usually comes in the form of yellow crystals. It is stable under ambient conditions and soluble in water, as well as ethanol and methanol. It has a boiling point range of 147 - 150 °C (420 - 423 K), at which point it decomposes.


Dimedone is in equilibrium with its tautomer in solution — in a 2:1 keto to enol ratio in chloroform.


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