spar. For dogtooth spar, see calcite; for fluorspar, see fluorite; for heavy spar, see barite; for satin spar, see calcite and gypsum. See also Iceland spar and feldspar.
or barytes or heavy spar

Sample of crested barite from Missouri

Most common barium mineral, barium sulfate (BaSO4). It commonly forms as platy crystals (known as crested barite). Barite is abundant in parts of Spain, Germany, and the U.S. Commercially, ground barite is used in oil well and gas well drilling muds; in the preparation of barium compounds; as a filler for paper, cloth, and phonograph records; as a white pigment; and as an inert material in coloured paints.

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In sailing, a spar is also know as a round pole of wood or metal used on a sailing ship. In modern usage it often refers to the mast, but historically the term was used more broadly to refer to the various booms, gaffs, yards, etc., of heavily "sparred" wooden ships.

Spars of all types are used in the rigging of sailing vessels to resist compressive and bending forces, and to provide support for the sails.

Wooden ships from the age of sail often carried many extra spars of all types for repairs while at sea. The spar deck of a frigate was so named because it was used to carry spare spars.

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