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List of Space Ghost Coast to Coast characters

This is a list of characters which appear on the Space Ghost Coast to Coast television show.

  • Space Ghost (voiced by George Lowe): Space Ghost, whose real name is Tad Ghostal, was a superhero in the 60s. Though occasionally conflicted about whether saving the world or hosting a talk show best suits him, Tad genuinely wants to put on the best talk show he can. Unfortunately, his failings tend to get the better of him. He is childish, egotistical, and petty, and he remains generally oblivious to his surroundings. He has little regard for the well-being of others and often demeans his sidekicks and guests. In an interview with Conan O'Brien, Space Ghost announces that he has always been dead and was never a space man. "I was dead long before you were born, Conan, and I'll be dead long before you're dead". In this debate, he also reveals that he is allergic to muffins.
  • Zorak (voiced by C. Martin Croker): The band leader and a mantis-like alien, Zorak is known for his hatred of Space Ghost. Extremely evil, he once ate his own nephew. He is a virgin, by virtue of not wanting to be killed by his mate, as is the custom. He has no remorse, feels no pity, and acts only to meet his own ends. He was Brak's childhood friend. His superhero persona is Batmantis. Though Space Ghost's prisoner, Zorak retains his membership in the Council of Doom. He claims he is either a locust or a mantis, but he often changes his mind.
  • Moltar (voiced by C. Martin Croker): He is the show's director/producer. His body is made entirely of lava, and he normally wears a full-body containment suit. By far the most competent and level headed character, he has attempted (sometimes successfully) to escape Ghost Planet on several occasions. He has been happily married for about five years to a woman named Linda, and his father was a professional wrestler. He describes his tongue as an oblong titanium slat. Like Zorak, Moltar is still a member of the Council of Doom despite his imprisonment.
  • Swingin' Chad Ghostal (voiced by Brad Abelle): Space Ghost's evil twin brother distinguished from Space Ghost in physical appearance only by a crudely drawn Vandyck beard. He is a hipster, and is both extremely cool and evil. So much so in fact, that he makes Moltar and Zorak "look like total chumps." Chad loves Jazz music, hipster talk, and outdated slang. He is also quite the ladies' man. He is currently a fugitive, wanted for murder and escaping the asylum he was held in. He may be a rendition of the Space Spectre, Space Ghost's opposite number during his time as a superhero.
  • Tansit or Tansut (voiced by Don Kennedy): An overweight and cowardly man in a red costume and helmet. His outfit makes him appear much more menacing than he actually is, but fails completely at hiding his gut. He is easily scared and is often openly ridiculed for his cowardice. For a while, he was the announcer on the show (a parody of Alan Kalter of the Late Show) until being fired on air. Tansit has made two failed attempts at replacing Moltar as director: once when Moltar escaped, and then again over three years later, on which occasion Brak convinced him to display his manboobs to the world. Despite his faintheartedness, Tansit should still be considered a bona fide villain, having shown his dark side with such lines as " You think you're so hot. I can twist you and punch you and hurt you so badly, I can..." from that same episode. The lack of official spelling of his name is a common point of debate. While "Tansit" is a commonly used spelling, scripts, DVD subtitles, and promotional material have printed a number of variations, such as "Tansut".

  • Brak (voiced by Andy Merrill): Brak is some sort of cat-like alien with large fangs who, although a villain, is the least threatening one on the program. His strongest 'weapon' is his penchant for deeply annoying the other characters through his loud childishness. His most uttered phrase was, for a time, a loud, grating, "Hi, my name is Brak!". He was formerly a scheming, deep-voiced villain on the original 1966 Space Ghost cartoon, but gained some sort of mental deficiency between shows (on the spinoff show Cartoon Planet, he claimed that "radiation half-lobotomized [him]", possibly explaining why his personality changed). He appeared on SGC2C periodically, often with the Council of Doom, of which he was a member, and was often victimized by Space Ghost or the other villains. He is usually heard going off on a tangent about beans, his absolute favorite food. He eventually obtained his own spinoff, The Brak Show.
  • Lokar (voiced by Andy Merrill): An erudite, giant hominid locust who is prone to violent outbursts and speaks in a falsetto voice. Lokar seems to harbor a grudge towards Space Ghost, and constantly seeks his destruction, perhaps more for his boorishness than anything else. He is frequently accused of being effeminate by other cast members. He has a penchant for bourgeois phrases like "You go, girl." He claims his hatred for Space Ghost is "delicious." He is also in a long-running feud with Zorak. Lokar is a member of the Council of Doom, though he's not so much evil as a snob.
  • Raymond (voiced by C. Martin Croker): The episode " Hungry" introduced Raymond, Zorak's previously unheard-of nephew. Space Ghost immediately took a liking to the cute miniature version of Zorak. Predictably, however, Raymond was eaten by his uncle before the end of the episode. Against all odds, Raymond persevered and managed to make brief appearances in two more episodes.
  • The Original Way Outs are the show's band, led by Zorak. The show has never explained their origins; in fact, very little attention is paid to them at all. They are speculated to be former villains, now Space Ghost's prisoners similar to Zorak and Moltar, but are much less talkative and thus remain somewhat mysterious. Usually, when they are cued to play music and the whole band is in view, music is definitely played, but not visibly by them. While the music is "playing", usually the only thing literally moving in the band is one cymbal on the drum set (This could also be due to the show's visual style of using low-cost animation wherever possible). Select band members have revealed their identities over the years, including The Sorcerer (the short guy with a beard) and Christy (the drummer), whom Zorak oddly calls "Steve" in his "Purple Haze" parody.
  • Harvey Birdman originally auditioned to be the host of the show according to Episode 40, "Pilot." However, his use of solar rays as fuel made him an unsuitable choice as a late night talk show host, as he would lose his energy at nighttime. He's similar to Space Ghost in that he is a washed up superhero, incompetent and slow, and horrible with people, not to mention that he can't work nights due to needing the Sun's energy to stay awake, his ultimate undoing. Space Ghost once called him a washed-up Six-piece Chicken McNobody. He reprises his role as host on Episode 74, "Sequel", during Space Ghost's brief imprisonment for abusing Zorak. He also appeared on the side lines during Episode 35, "Rehearsal", and making a call on Episode 55, "Telethon." He appears to be washed up, and in a rut, alternately claiming to be unemployed, or in one case selling towable campers. He used to be married to Gravity Girl, whom he constantly pleads to "come home." The character in SGC2C has little to do with the show Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law beyond giving the first name of "Harvey" to the character.
  • Metallus, a villain and member of the Council of Doom who can only talk in a reverb-heavy metallic drone, rendering his every word incomprehensible, though other characters such as Moltar seem to understand him. He is a big metal guy with a blue vest and gloves, and he has a helmet with large, presumably ornamental "wings."
  • Black Widow (voiced by Judy Tenuta), a villain who has professed love for Space Ghost, much to the chagrin of the other villains. The Black Widow was originally known as "Spider Woman", and is the only female member of the Council of Doom.
  • Kirk the Storyteller (played by James Kirkconnell), the venerable narrator/storyteller, presenting several episodes in retrospect and reinterpretation. The episode Curses was shown to have taken place in one of his nightmares.
  • Leonard Ghostal (played by 'Macho Man' Randy Savage), featured in the episode 'Piledriver', is Space Ghost's grandfather. Voiced by famous wrestler Randy Savage, he referenced old wrestlers, wrestling moves, and old matches and wrestling taunts during the entire episode. Like Chad, he looks exactly like Space Ghost, only he has a long white beard and a cane. He yelled that Tad should return to his old 'Action' days and try to fight more people.
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