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Space Carrier Blue Noah

is a science fiction anime TV series produced by Office Academy which ran in Japan from October 13, 1979 through March 30, 1980. It was later distributed overseas in English by West Cape Corporation under the name "Thundersub". The series was called "Nave Anti-Espacial" (Anti-Space Ship) in many Spanish-speaking countries.

Set in the year 2052, Earth has managed to find peace until the arrival of the Death Force - ruthless aliens from a dying solar system - who are desperately searching for a new home. Attacking the Earth with a massive satellite ship called Terror Star, the aliens proceed to terraform the planet to make it their own. For mankind there is one hope: it's up to Colin Collins and a small band of his fellow surviving students to crew a top-secret submersible vessel that can fight the invaders at sea or in space.

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Episode list

Following is a list of all 24 episode titles, with an English translation first, followed by the original Japanese (and a rōmaji transliteration in parentheses).

  1. (2 hours special)The Birth of the Young Lions
    (Wakaki Shishi-tachi no Tanjō)
  2. The Blue Noah Descends to the South
    (Burū Noa Nanka su)
  3. The Coral Reef Rescue Mission
    (Sangoshō Kyūshutsu Sakusen)
  4. The Secret of the Godom Base
    (Godomu Kichi no Himitsu)
  5. The Godom's Terraforming Plans
    (Godomu no Chikyū Kaizō Keikaku)
  6. Adam and Eve in South Sea
    (Nankai no Adamu to Ibu)
  7. The Burning Southern Cross
    (Moeru Minami Jūjisei)
  8. Shoot That Tower!
    (Ano Tō wo Ute!)
  9. Hurricane of Love and Anger
    (Ai to Ikari no Harikēn)
  10. The Detour of Decision
    (Ketsudan no Mawari-michi)
  11. The Vow to Tomorrow
    (Ashita e no Chikai)
  12. Fala, Her Love
    (Fara, Sono Ai)
  13. The Dread of Red Tide Hell
    (Kyōfu no Akashio Jigoku)
  14. Piquant! The Dummy Strategy
    痛快! ダミー作戦
    (Tsūkai! Damī Sakusen)
  15. The First Report from Bermuda
    (Bamyūda kara no Dai Ippō)
  16. Fierceness! Inrushing to the Arctic Ocean
    壮烈! 北極海突入
    (Sōretsu! Hokkyoku-kai Totsunyū)
  17. One-on-One in the Abyss
    (Shinkai no Ikkiuchi)
  18. The American Channel Breakthrough Strategy
    (Amerika Kaikyō Toppa Sakusen)
  19. The Amazon Surprise Attack Strategy
    (Amazon Kishū Sakusen)
  20. 48 Hours in Bermuda
    (Bamyūda 48jikan)
  21. Now, to Space!
    (Iza, Uchū e)
  22. The Godom's True Colors
    (Godomu no Shōtai)
  23. Godom, Where Do You Go?!
    (Godomu yo, Izuko e?!)
  24. Earth, be Forever!
    (Chikyū yo, Eien ni!)

 Episode 1 (Each 30 minutes divided version
 for Japanese local TV stations and rebroadcasting)
 #1-1.The Wanderer in the Macrocosm
(Dai-uchū no Hōrōsha)
 #1-2.This is the Hope of the Earth!!
(Chikyū no Kibō wa Kore da!!)
 #1-3.The Big Crisis! Blue Noah
(Dai Kiki! Burū Noa)
 #1-4.Fire the Anti-proton Gun!
反陽子砲 発射!
(Han-yōshi-hō Hassha!)


  • The complete series was aired dubbed in English on CKVR-TV in Canada (1985-1986) and on the NBC Super Channel in Europe (early 1990s?).

Blue Noah specifications

  • Standard Displacement: 170,000 standard tons
  • Classification: Super Submarine Aircraft Carrier
  • Fighter Capacity: 150

Closing the starboard and port flight decks makes it possible for the Blue Noah to submerge for underwater cruising. It is equipped with a lightwave booster, making both atmospheric and extra-atmospheric operation possible. The Tempest Junior mini-submersible is housed in the bow of the ship, large Bison attack helicopters are stowed in the stern and the lower decks serve as a hangar for numerous fighter jets. The Tempest Junior features an anti-gravity drive allowing the crew to detach from the main ship for "away missions."

Blue Noah's most powerful weapon is the Anti-Proton Gun. When initiated, the prow of the ship separates into upper and lower halves, revealing a massive energy generator. Electrical power from all of the ship's onboard systems is diverted to power this generator, creating a massive burst of energy powerful enough to annihilate a target completely. This enormous energy requirement renders Blue Noah's systems temporarily offline after a single burst of the Anti-Proton Gun, and as such the weapon is used only as a last resort during Earth sorties. Extensive modifications are made to the Blue Noah prior to the final assault on the alien invaders, enabling the ship to use the Anti-Proton Gun repeatedly in space without the resulting system downtime.

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