sov. un


SOV is an acronym for several terms:

  • Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg
  • Subject Object Verb, used in linguistic typology.
  • Single Occupant Vehicle
  • Share of Voice, a brand's percent of the total advertising weight in its product category.
  • Soft Output Viterbi Algorithm, a decoding method used in computer science
  • Stade Olympique Voironnais, a French rugby union club .
  • Shot On Video, in some movie-related books and articles.
  • SoV is also known as the name of the main character of the weekly interactive webcast for Disney's So Weird.
  • Sov is also used by the British MC Lady Sovereign in reference to herself.
  • S.O.V (Sunsets on Vegas) are a West London based 3 piece Mod/Indie band, consisting of Sam Hill (bass/vocal), Jimmy McGeoghan (guitar/vocal) and Harry Prescott (drums/vocal). The band formed in 2006 and despite their lack of released material, have developed a reputation as one of the best live bands on the unsigned circuit, supporting the likes of The Rakes, Metro Riots and Jamie T in the process. Their Facebook page suggests they may be releasing a single and album in 2008, but none of this has been officially confirmed.

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