Soorma Bhopali

Soorma Bhopali,(सूरमा भोपाली ), is a Hindi movie directed by Jagdeep, who earlier played a role with the same name in the movie Sholay. The movie was not successful in the box office.


  • Jagdeep, as Soorma Bhopali/Dilwar Khan Dilwala
  • Amitabh Bachchan, as Police Inspector (Special Appearance)
  • Dharmendra, as Dharmendra & Mahendra Singh (Special Appearance)
  • Rekha, as Drunk Woman (Special Appearance)


Soorma Bhopali is the owner of a Timber mart from whom people expect to purchase the wood of the entire jungle in a two rupees giving the jungle being impossible he wants to distribute all the wealth of humanity this trust and innocence of his is taken under advantage by the people. Dilwar Khan Dilwala who happens to be the identical step brother of Soorma, keepts staking his claim on half of Soorma inheritance. Soorma inherit a priceless necklace, which according to his mother will he has to give it to his bride. To get this necklace from Soorma some bigtime smugglers send a stage dancer Sitar to Bhopal and trap Soorma in their cleverly knitted web Soorma takes the necklace and follow Sitara to Bombay but two small time frauds by the name of Kaalia and Sambha relive Soorma of his belongings which includes the necklace back but will he be able to adorn his bride with this priceless neclace of will the enemies of law and society get away with it? Samad Ullah appearance

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