Sool (Somali: Sool) is a province located in the northeastern interior of the Horn of Africa. The regional capital of Sool is Las Anod (Laascaanood) and the region is historically known for the anti-colonial movement called Darwiish.

Territorial dispute

Sool is a disputed region, claimed as sovereign territory by the two self-proclaimed but internationally-unrecognized states of Somaliland and Puntland, as well as defined as part of the Somali Republic according to the 2004 Transitional Federal Charter of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). During 2006, the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) also incorporated sharia courts in Sool region into their loose alliance, though their military forces never occupied the region.

Under the government of Siad Barre, Sool was not a separate region, but part of the larger Nugaal province, with the capital city of Garowe. It was separated from Nugaal in the 1980s.

Since 2003 and until October 2007, Sool has been under control of Puntland. After the conflict of 2007, Sool has stayed to be part of puntland, as the Dhulbahnte clan own by the Sool region of Somalia refused to become part of separtiest Somaliland State.


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