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LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam

The LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam is the second main mobile suit in the anime series Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

The Victory 2 Gundam was the new Gundam produced by the League Militaire as their new symbol mobile suit, thus replacing the older LM312V04 Victory Gundam. Nevertheless it shared many similarities with its predecessor, especially the three-component system, consisting of a Core Fighter, a Top Fighter and a Bottom Fighter. Its armament was for the most parts also the same, although most of the systems were upgraded to fight against the newer mobile weapons of the Zanscare Empire.

The most important upgrade was the Minovsky drive system, which was nearly the same as a Minovsky craft system used by battleships and was derived from the Victory Gundam's Minovsky flight system. Thanks to this system the Victory 2 Gundam could fly in space without the use of conventional rocket thrusters (although some were incorporated for maneuvering) and achieve incredible speed, it's the third mobile suit in Universal Century that could break sonic wall by its own speed. If used on Earth, the Gundam could use the system for atmospheric flight and hovering. One of the most important abilities of the Minovsky drive system however was its ability to be used as an offensive or defensive system. The energy of the system could manifest as a pair of giant Wings of Light, which could be used as gigantic beam sabers or as additional beam shields for the Gundam itself and other targets. The defensive ability of the Wings of Light is almost unbreakable, if not absolute. Even the ZMT-S29S Zanneck's beam cannon, which could hit targets on Earth from high in the atmosphere, was unable to penetrate the Wings of Light.

Like its predecessor, the Gundam could also be outfitted in a variety of ways, to adapt to several mission roles. This upgrades gave the Victory 2 Gundam additional armor or extra weapons. In Buster configuration, the Victory 2 Gundam has powerful mega beam cannon (also called long range cannon), micro missile launchers and a beam spray pod which could be used to attack multiple targets at once. In Assault configuration, it features an I-field barrier generator and golden anti-beam coating armor plates for additional defense against beam weapons. It also mounts a powerful twin Variable Speed Beam Rifles (VSBR) (mounted on its hips) and a mega beam rifle. These two configurations can combine into the LM314V25 V2 Assault-Buster Gundam. While this form has advantage of both configurations, the increased mass could reduce its speed greatly.

Only two Victory 2 Gundams were known to be produced and one was assigned to League Militaire ace pilot Uso Evin, who would use his new suit during the last half of the Zanscare War in UC0153. The other, a black-painted unit, was somehow acquired by Grey Stoke and used by the Newtype Kamui Gian to back-up Uso's unit in a battle against the Zong.

Other appearance

Victory 2 Gundam appear as playable unit in several Super Robot Wars games, start with 1995's 2nd Super Robot Wars G for Nintendo Game Boy.

The Victory 2 Gundam also appears in The Great Battle IV, where it is one of the pilots of the Compatible Kaiser and one of four playable characters. Victory 2 Gundam is a balance character, use grenade launcher as main weapon and has beam saber to cut down enemy in close range. The Wings of Light, can either lift Victory 2 Gundam higher after jump or slower its fall.

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