Pretty Balanced

Pretty Balanced is an American "piano chamber rock" band based in Columbus, Ohio. Its unique sound is the result of a fusion of instruments often associated with chamber music, such as violin, cello, and piano, playing rock compositions, and often employing electronic production. Its members are Judith Shimer (also of The Sneaky Mister) on piano and cello, Forest Christenson (of Solarist, formerly The Liberty Tax, and Starving Goliath) on drums and violin, and Parker Ross (of El Jewbacabra) on bass.


The band formed in 2004, while the members were attending Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center. The original lineup included John Siddall on bass, but he was replaced by Ross after leaving Columbus for college.

In 2005, the Pretty Balanced song "Simon's Sleeping" was featured on Projekt Records' compilation A Dark Cabaret, which sold nationally in Hot Topic stores.

In 2006, the band won second place in the Columbus Dispatch Battle of the Bands 3, winning $300 and five hours of recording time at John Schwab Recording.

After the members graduated from high school in 2006, the band went on a partial-hiatus, but still plays shows throughout the Eastern and Midwest United States every several months.


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