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Sol, in Roman religion, sun god. An ancient god of Mesopotamian origin, he was introduced (c.220) into Roman religion as Sol Invictus by emperor Heliogabalus. His worship remained an important cult of Rome until the rise of Christianity.
sol, in chemistry: see colloid.
LeWitt, Sol, 1928-2007, American artist, b. Hartford, Conn. LeWitt, who came into prominence in the 1960s, termed his work conceptual art, emphasizing that the idea or concept that animates each work is its most important aspect. He is probably the artist most often linked with the conceptual art movement. Reflecting his study of mathematics, Lewitt reduced the contents of his art to the most basic shapes, colors, and lines, creating modular cubes and grid structures, geometric "wall drawings," and serial graphics. His work is represented in the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, and in other major American museums.
Hurok, Sol, 1888-1974, American impresario, b. Russia. Emigrating to the United States in 1906, Hurok was a peddler, streetcar conductor, bottlewasher, and hardware salesman before becoming the foremost impresario of his age. By his own estimation, he presented more than 4,000 artists and companies, among them Pavlova, Marian Anderson, the Comédie Française, the Old Vic Company, the Royal Ballet, Andrés Segovia, Jean-Louis Barrault, and Victoria de los Angeles. The film Tonight We Sing (1953) was based on his autobiography, Impresario (1946).

See biography by H. Robinson (1994).

Gósol is a village and municipality located in the northwest of the comarca of Berguedà in Catalonia (The Pyrenees). It is located in the natural park of "Cadí-Moixeró," and the municipality also includes the village of Sorribes.

Gósol is the only municipality in Berguedà which is in the province of Lleida rather than that of Barcelona.


To access Gósol take route B-400 from where it leaves "El Collet" at kilometer 112.9 of the local road running from Abrera to Bellver de Cerdanya (Llobregat axis: formerly C-1411 and at the moment C-16/E-9). Exit onto a recently asphalted road in the section between Tuixén and Gósol (C-563).

It can also be accessed from: St Llorenç de Morunys (by La Coma and La Pedra), by El Port del Compte (coming from Solsona) and coming from La Seu d'Urgell. These three routes pass by the villages of Tuixén and Josa del Cadí.

Typical Dishes

  • Chamois
  • "Pèsol negre", a local variety of 'black pea'
  • Squared corn
  • Masked Potatoes
  • Aïoli with pork during the swine-harvest
  • Veal with mushrooms
  • Wild boar

Other information

  • Day 15 August, Gósol celebrates its local festivities. The traditional dance "El ball de les cosses" is performed.
  • July 20 is the day of Saint Margaret, the patron saint of Gósol.
  • The reaper's festival (generally, the second Saturday of August) is a tribute to the work of previous generations of villagers. In the celebration, villagers use turn-of-the-century farm implements.
  • Legend says that on the night of Saint Sylvester (December 31), witches hold gatherings on the mountain of Pedraforca.
  • October 31 is the fair of All Saints. livestock are sold and put on display.
  • For Pentecost, people of Gósol sing "Caramelles" (traditional songs).

Gosol's emblematic cultural institution is the Picasso Museum, which owes its existence to the visit of Pablo Picasso to the village in the spring of 1906, which lasted until the first half of August. The artist installed himself at the only inn then in existence, Cal Tampanada. While in Gósol, Picasso underwent a transformation. His palette, his sketching style and his rhythm of composition all changed. He used Fernande Olivier (his partner at the time), the village, the people of the area, and the livestock as models for his artwork.


  • Year 2006: centenary of Pablo Picasso's stay in Gósol.
  • Doctor Agustí Pedro i Pons stayed in Gósol a long time.
  • An annual mountain biking tour between Gósol and Berga.
  • The town also organizes the walk of the "Reapers of Gósol," from Gósol to Bellver de Cerdanya by way of the Cadí mountain range.

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