Sokolow, Nahum

Sokolow, Nahum

Sokolow, Nahum, 1859-1936, Jewish writer and Zionist leader, b. Poland. He served (1906-9) as general secretary of the Zionist Organization, editing its various publications. With Chaim Weizmann he participated in the London meetings during World War I that led to the Balfour Declaration and the Palestinian mandate. He succeeded Weizmann as president (1931-35) of the World Zionist Organization. Sokolow was an accomplished linguist. From 1873 he contributed articles to various Hebrew newspapers, and he wrote History of Zionism, 1600-1918 (2 vol., 1919).

See biography by S. Kling (1960).

See also Sokolov and Sokoloff. For Polish place-names, see Sokołów.


  • Nahum Sokolow (1859-1936), Jewish Hebrew language writer and Zionist leader
  • Deb Sokolow, American artist based in Chicago

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