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Aldrin (software)

Aldrin is a modular music sequencer/tracker designed after the proprietary modular tracker Jeskola Buzz. It features a flexible audio routing system commonly found in expensive audio software, enabling users to mix, split, mutilate and modify audio signals generated from software synthesizers and samples. It supports common sample formats and offers a direct download interface to the Freesound sample library. Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Aldrin is free software.


The development of Aldrin started in 2006 as a joint effort of Leonard Ritter and Anders Ervik, who was working on another Buzz clone, Buzé back then. Buzé was split into a front-end and a back-end, Armstrong (formerly libzzub), a sequencing library initially designed to allow loading, playback, editing and writing of Jeskola Buzz BMX modules. Initially called Mute, to avoid confusion with the MUTE file sharing network, the name Aldrin was chosen as a play on the name of famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin, to express Aldrin's initial role as a Buzz clone and the implication of being a natural successor.


Aldrin features a routing interface similar to the one found in Jeskola Buzz, allowing to design a digital signal processing flow from generator plugins through effects to the master output. Parameter views allow to define how these plugins process sound. A pattern view enables the user to automate parameters and compose bass lines, melody, chord progressions and drum tracks for each plugin without touching the mouse. A sequencer view puts the created patterns into the songs overall context, allowing control over progression and timeline.

A sample library offers to store sample-based instruments to be used for sampler-like plugins. Samples can be resampled or stretched to fit the current tempo. A small sample editor allows to cut samples, segment drum loops and stretch individual parts of a sample to adjust for timing inaccuracies.

Aldrin has real-time recording capabilities, enabling users to record signals from audio input, MIDI keyboards and mouse movements for automation purposes. For audio recording and playback, OSS, ALSA, JACK and ASIO are supported through Armstrong and the rtaudio/PortAudio backends.

Aldrin offers integrated access to the Freesound sample library, allowing to search, audit, download and integrate samples without leaving the song context.

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