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Partille Municipality

Partille Municipality (Partille kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in Partille, which constitutes a part of the contigously built-up Gothenburg urban area.

The municipality is one of the smallest by size in Sweden with an area of only 59.35 km².

The parish Partille was made a rural municipality, when the first local government acts came into force in 1863. Territorially it has not been affected by the nation-wide municipal reforms carried out during the 20th century. It has retained its size, but it has developed into a suburb of Gothenburg.


The north-eastern part of the municipality, which acts as its seat, is part of the contigous Gothenburg urban area.

Other localities are:


The municipality is subdivided into four geographical areas: Partille, Sävedalen, Jonsered and Öjersjö.

The area is a traditional Swedish woodland. Much of its industries has therefore a connection to the forest industry.


The area has been inhabited for several thousands years. There still remains 15 ancient monuments from that time.

Partille is located in a valley, between some mountains in a rocky terrain. Its name is believed to be derived from something similar to "Part haella" and mean "Split rock". Another discussed meaning could be "Port haella", the door in the mountain. The small river Säveån flows through the valley and intersects Partille. The name Säveån stems from the words säve, as in 'sävligt' (leisurely, slow) and ån (the stream/creek), as it is a very slowly flowing little river.

It is also an excellent place for fishing. Records from the 16th century prove that it was performed by government officials already then; mostly desired were then, just as now, salmons and trouts.

Partille also has an old stone church which basically still looks as it did when it was built in the 13th century.


Industries which are based in Partille include: Soft Touch AB(Personal Protective Equipment), Olegruppen, Triumfglass (ice cream), Linjebuss (bus services).

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