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Soft On Demand

Soft On Demand (SOD) is a Japanese adult video group of companies. Founded in December of 1995 by Ganari Takahashi, who retired in March 2005 and is currently into agriculture, the company is the largest independent adult video company in Japan and notable for its creative approach to adult videos. Some of its most notable approaches are quiz shows that test the knowledge of AV (adult video) actresses with challenging questions, CFNM (clothed female, naked male) videos that have women actually studying a man's penis and putting women under hypnosis. Some of the newer material they have generated are Company Sex Parties, Summer Festivals (a festival focus on penises not to be confused with the actual Shinto festival that deals with fertility) and Sex Camps.

One of their releases, 500 Person Sex (500人SEX), features 250 couples having sex (apart from each other but in the same room) in an impressive synchronized way, and thus got some raised eyebrows from occidental adult sites.

Company information

SOD is Japan's fastest growing and most profitable producer of adult movies. The company has grown from a staff of 6 to a staff of 86; it has profits of JPY 1.5 billion on sales of JPY 7.8 billion (2003 figures). SOD releases more than 1,000 titles on DVD and video per year. SOD also works with a number of companies in other areas and has thus become a group (zaibatsu) of companies mainly in the area of producing adult videos. Besides producing videos the company also produces condoms, PC games (aka hentai games), anime, movies, idol videos and TV programs. They are working with Shougakukan to produce anime for children. SOD doesn't do everything on its own, however; it outsources work to its internal companies like SOD Create (handling video production) and SOD Artworks (package design and images), in business terms they are practicing vertical integration.

Companies in the Soft on Demand group

  • SODクリエイト (SOD Create)
  • ナチュラルハイ (Natural High) (Joined 08/1999)  Company Site
  • ディープス (Deeps)(Joined 10/19991999)  Company Site
  • アイエナジー (IEnergy)(Joined 12/2000)  Company Site
  • ドグマ (アダルトビデオ)|ドグマ (Dogma Adult Video aka "Dogma") (Joined 04/2001、Currently withdrawn from group.)
  • 忠実堂 (Mamedou)(Joined 12/2001、Currently withdrawn from group.)
  • はじめ企画 (Hajime Kikaku) (Joined 04/2002、Currently withdrawn from group.)
  • ヒビノ (アダルトビデオ)|ヒビノ (Hibino Adult Video aka "Hibino") (Joined 09/2002)  Company Site
  • ハンドメイドビジョン (Hand Made Vision previously known as Dash.) (Joined 11/2002)  Company Site
  • シュガーボーイ (Sugar Boy) (Joined 12/2002)  Company Site
  • 志摩プランニング (Shima Planning) (Joined 12/2002)  Company Site
  • オーティス (Oh-Tees)(Joined 06/2003)
  • V&Rプロダクツ (V&R Products) (Joined 04/2004 and on 10/2004 claimed indepence from company.)  Company Site
  • 甲斐正明事務所 (Kamimasaaki)(Joined 01/2005)  Company Site
  • イフリート (Ifrit)(Joined 06/2005)  Company Site
  • アキノリ (Akinori)(Joined 01/2006)  Company Site
  • DANDY(Public Company : Heroes Entertainment (ヒロスンエンタテインメント)、Joined August 2006)  Company Site
  • WOMAN(Joined September 2006)  Company Site
  • eighteen (To join in November 2006) Company Site
  • LADY×LADY(To join in January 2007)  Company Site Official Blog (Japanese)
  • Sadistic Village (

Companies that have left the SOD group

  • Wanz Factory
  • Sandwich
  • Aroma pictures
  • GLAY'Z


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