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Wave in Head

Wave in Head is a one man German synthpop music project, which was founded in 1993 in Magdeburg, Germany. His name is Michael Pohl.

The first musical activities have been nothing more than a hobby, when he started, to make some noises with his first sampler, the ASR10. The style walks between kittering bass lines, well balanced bleeps, a catchy sing-along chorus and fancy, synth styled vocals. An interesting feature is that some lyrics are written in German as in the singles "Zeit zu leben", "Als Ob", "Ich denke nicht" and "Ist She schon".


In 1999, the project has reached a state of development that allowed production of a first CD, the "rarely" EP. It was distributed through the internet and had got very positive and enthusiastic reviews by several E-zines. The subsequent CD "Criminal Ballad" was not published, because it was made for promotion purposes only, and the debut album was in production yet. In winter 2000 Wave in Head performed live for the first time in Berlin and several record labels offered their cooperation.

Since the beginning of 2001, Wave in Head is signed to A Different Drum and released the debut album, "Time to speak" there, as well as the singles "progress" and "I began to hope" and stayed on the best selling chart for over 10 weeks.

In 2005 the band released "For a Special Moment". Wave In Head has released all their albums, (except for the self produce EP Rarely), through the A Different Drum label based in Salt Lake City.

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