Chiquititas (known in English as Tiny Angels) was a successful children's telenovela from Argentina. It was produced by Cris Morena and aired on Telefé from 1995 until 2001. A new season was launched on April 3, 2006.


On August 7 1995, Chiquititas started on Telefe during its 6 PM time-slot and soon became the audience leader. The album became a huge success and soon magazine, sticker albums and all type of merchandise with the Chiquititas name on it was released. In 1996, the second album of Chiquititas sold over 250,000 copies and the song "Corazon con Agujeritos" became a huge radio hit. The album was the 2nd best-selling album of the year. A musical with Broadway-style production opened at Buenos Aires' biggest theatre and after over 60 live performances, over 200,000 people saw the show.

In 1997, the male cast started getting equal attention as the Chiquititas. The rating got even bigger, sometimes reaching over 20 points on rating. The album was a huge hit and the Teatro Gran Rex live concert was even more popular, with 250,000 people attending with all concerts being sold-out. Also, in 1997, a Brazilian version premiered on Brazil's SBT. The show was taped in Buenos Aires with an all Brazilian cast. The show soon became one of SBT's most-watched shows and the first album received Diamond Disc for selling over 1 million copies.

In the following year, 1998, Chiquititas rating got even bigger and the album sold 300,000 copies, being the best-selling album of the year in the country. The Teatro Gran Rex show was so popular, a third daily show was added. Over 300,000 people saw Chiquititas live concert. The 4th season of the show was the last season with Romina Yan as Belen and for the 5th season, the show got a total makeover.

The show ended in 2001 after 7 seasons. In 2006, a new season was made, and named Chiquititas Sin Fin. In 2003, Rincon de Luz was produced for Canal 9, a show with the same premise also created by Cris Morena. Rincon de Luz is the name of the Chiquititas' orphanage during the first four seasons and for the last two.

The show was also incredibly popular in Brazil, where it lasted five seasons during four years (in Argentina the show lasted seven season during seven years). It was one of the most popular shows on SBT and its album were also huge-sellers. In 1999, over 15.000 people in São Paulo, 10.000 in Rio de Janeiro and 6.000 in Recife attended the auditions for the show 3rd season, being the biggest number of people ever in a casting (castings for Idolos, the Brazilian version of American Idol, are attended by 2,000 people in each state and 4,000 in São Paulo). It also spawned several merchandising and, according to Veja magazine, the two albums sold over 2,2 million copies together.


The show's success quickly inspired the creation of Chiquititas apparel, a magazine, and several soundtrack albums. The magazine was translated into Hebrew and, in 2002, three members of the cast travelled to Israel, where the show enjoyed high ratings. In 2001, a movie based on the show was released, called Chiquititas: Rincón de luz (Corner of Light). A Brazilian version of the show was also filmed. A Portuguese version has been announced, with filming commencing in late 2007.

Chiquititas Sin Fin

The audience has always missed Chiquititas. In 2006, Cris Morena Group, RGB and Telefe decided to do the spin-off. Jorgelina Aruzzi had a role kind of Romina Yan's role in 1990s and early 2000s. This is a family comedy, with marvelous characters and incredible stories. It is enjoyable for people of all ages, appealling to the family as a whole. The album 24 Horas derived from the TV series was released by EMI Music and was an instant top-seller. Over 50 theatrical performances were programmed for the winter holidays, with a full house every night, and the total number of spectators exceeding 150,000. Over 200 products were licensed for their marketing, such as: T-shirts, school bags, copy books, folders, stickers, etc.



See Chiquititas soundtracks.

The show includes eight soundtracks, which were recorded by the actors of Chiquititas.


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