snowy river

Snowy River National Park

Snowy River is a national park in Victoria (Australia), 323 km east of Melbourne.

Much of the park is classified as wilderness area, where vehicles are unable to visit. The park provides one of the last natural habitats at the Little River Gorge for the endangered Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby. Numbers for this species are estimated as extremely small, with the rugged terrain making it difficult to accurately monitor the species population. Over 250 native species have been recorded in the park, 29 of which are considered rare or threatened in Victoria, including the Long-footed Potoroo, Spotted Quoll (Tiger Quoll), Giant Burrowing Frog and Eastern She-oak Skink.

Little River gorge is Victoria's deepest gorge, with the Little River dropping 610 metres off the Wulgulmerang plateau over 14 km to the Snowy River at an elevation of 122 metres above sea level.

McKillops Road is the northern park boundary, with the Alpine National Park to the north of the road. The road is designated unsuitable for caravans, trailers and semi-trailers due to its long, narrow, and steep descent down to McKillops Bridge which crosses the Snowy River near its juncture with the Deddick River. A camping site near McKillops Bridge provides an excellent site for swimming, launching canoes and rafting through the rugged gorges downstream, or the start for the 18km Silver Mine Walking Track and the short Snowy River Trail.

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