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List of Mission: Impossible episodes

This article provides a list of episodes from the television series Mission: Impossible.

The television series Mission: Impossible was created by Bruce Geller. It premiered on the CBS network in September 1966 and ran for seven seasons, ending in March 1973. The series was subsequently revived by the CBS network in October 1988, running for two abbreviated seasons before ending in February 1990. This article lists episodes from both series, based upon broadcast order, which often differed considerably from production order.

Original series (1966-1973)


  • Steven Hill as Team Leader Dan Briggs (Season 1)
  • Peter Graves as Team Leader Jim Phelps (Seasons 2–7)
  • Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter (Seasons 1–3)
  • Martin Landau as Rollin Hand (Seasons 1–3; Landau was considered a guest star during the first season, even though he appeared in all but two episodes)
  • Peter Lupus as Willy Armitage (Seasons 1–7; alternated with Sam Elliott during season 5)
  • Greg Morris as Barney Collier (Seasons 1–7)
  • Leonard Nimoy as The Great Paris (Seasons 4–5)
  • Lesley Ann Warren as Dana Lambert (Season 5 - credited as Lesley Warren)
  • Sam Elliott as Dr. Doug Robert a.k.a. Lang (alternated with Lupus during Season 5 and appeared in one Season 6 episode)
  • Lynda Day George as Casey (Seasons 6–7)
  • Barbara Anderson as Mimi Davis (appeared in about 10 episodes of Season 7 when George was on maternity leave)
  • Bob Johnson as the Voice on Tape (uncredited, voice only; all seasons)

Note: The cast changed considerably throughout the program's seven-year run, so not all of the characters listed above appeared at the same time, and even regular cast members did not always appear in every episode, depending upon the mission. The most enduring cast members were Morris and Lupus who appeared in all seasons, while Graves appeared in all but the first season. Season 4 did not feature a regular female role and instead used a number of different actresses (most notably Lee Meriwether who appeared in six episodes as "Tracey"). The character of Casey was not given a first name on screen until her appearance in an episode of the 1980s revival series, that name being Lisa.

Season 1 (1966–1967)

Title Original Airdate #
Pilot September 17, 1966 1x01
The Impossible Missions Force (IMF) must retrieve two nuclear warheads being kept in a hotel vault by a Caribbean dictator. Martin Landau "guest stars" as both IMF agent Rollin Hand and the dictator. The "hotel" exterior is the Los Angeles Griffith Park Observatory.
Memory September 24, 1966 1x02
An IMF agent with photographic memory is inserted into a foreign prison in order to aid in the discrediting of a politically connected mass murderer. This is the only "regular-format" episode in which the IMF does not receive its instructions via a recording - Briggs receives printed instructions on a card instead - and as such is the only "regular-format" episode in which Bob Johnson's voice is not heard.
Operation Rogosh October 1, 1966 1x03
When an Eastern European agent plans a biological attack on Los Angeles, the IMF must trick him into revealing the location of his mass-murder devices. They do so by convincing him it is three years into the future, and place him on trial for being an American spy.
Old Man Out Part 1 October 8, 1966 1x04
While the rest of the IMF team pose as a traveling circus, Rollin Hand goes to an "inescapable" prison in order to try to rescue an elderly dissident, a Catholic official named Cardinal Alexander Vossek. Vosseck is overtly based upon József Cardinal Mindszenty, and his high-profile imprisonment by a totalitarian government in the Eastern Bloc.
Old Man Out Part 2 October 15, 1966 1x05
Continuation of previous episode.
Odds on Evil October 22, 1966 1x06
The autocratic Prince of a small Principality whose weakness is gambling must be bankrupted before he can use his funds to buy weapons. To accomplish the sting, the team uses a computer to predict the winning number in a roulette wheel (winning number is displayed on a wristwatch), while also rigging a game of baccarat through the use of marked cards which can be seen with special contact lenses. This episode shares many similarities with Ian Fleming's Casino Royale.
Wheels October 29, 1966 1x07
Dan Briggs and his IMF team must "un-rig" an election in order to prevent a corrupt government from taking power. This episode guest stars Mark Lenard of Star Trek fame as an unscrupulous bureaucrat.
The Ransom November 5, 1966 1x08
When a friend's daughter is kidnapped by a crime lord, Briggs calls in his IMF team to rescue her. This is the first of several episodes in which the IM Force conduct "off-book" missions. The team delivers a heart attack drug by tapping the water line of a hotel room and exploding the vial just as the target turns on the tap. This requires that an ambulance be called where the mark is taken to a hospital. In the hospital, the team switches bodies during an X-Ray session, using a specially built revolving table.
A Spool There Was November 12, 1966 1x09
Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter pose as reunited ex-lovers in an unfriendly country in order to retrieve a spool of recording wire hidden by a dead agent. As a security dragnet closes in, the IMF team uses pre-recorded audio tape conversations to fool government spies and later helium balloons to confuse the whereabouts of the recording wire.
The Carriers November 19, 1966 1x10
The IMF infiltrates an artificial American town located behind the Iron Curtain where enemy agents are trained to act and think like Americans. They discover a plan to introduce a bacteriological plague into the U.S. The concept of a simulated American town being used to train agents had previously been used in the Danger Man episode Colony Three and would later be used in the Alias episode, Welcome to Liberty Village. This episode also shares many similarities with Ian Fleming's novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Guest stars George Takei.
Zubrovnik's Ghost November 26, 1966 1x11
In this "haunted house" episode, IMF agents Rollin Hand and Barney Collier pose as investigators of the supernatural in order to find out why a scientist believes the ghost of her dead husband is telling her to go behind the Iron Curtain.
Fakeout December 3, 1966 1x12
Cinnamon Carter romances the ill-mannered leader of an international narcotics syndicate in order to fool him into crossing the border into a country where American authorities can finally arrest him.
Elena December 10, 1966 1x13
In a South American country, a female IMF agent named Elena (Barbara Luna) begins exhibiting paranoid behavior, and Rollin Hand is assigned to find out why before she is assassinated as a precaution. A romance soon blossoms between Rollin and his ward.
The Short Tail Spy December 17, 1966 1x14
Briggs, Cinnamon, and Barney are tasked with protecting a Cold War scientist from two rival assassination bureaus determined to liquidate him before an important conference. When Cinnamon is assigned to seduce one of the assassins to prevent the killing, Briggs becomes worried that she might be falling in love with her target.
The Legacy January 7, 1967 1x15
In this "treasure hunt" episode, the estranged sons of Adolf Hitler's most trusted Nazi officers gather in Zurich, Switzerland, to locate Hitler's "lost fortune." IMF agent Rollin Hand infiltrates the Neo-Nazi cell whose members plan to uncover and use the latter $300 million legacy to launch the Fourth Reich. A trail of bizarre clues leads them from a bank trust account to a hidden microdot and, at last, to a remote cemetery in the Swiss countryside.
The Reluctant Dragon January 14, 1967 1x16
Rollin Hand and Barney Collier must convince a scientist to defect to the West and join his wife in the United States. This episode guest stars John Colicos of Star Trek fame as a ruthless security official.
The Frame January 21, 1967 1x17
The IMF team pose as caterers at a lavish get-together of crime kingpins, in an effort to discredit a gangster who has been having anti-crime elected officials killed in "accidents."
The Trial January 28, 1967 1x18
Briggs poses as a would-be saboteur in order to orchestrate the downfall of an Eastern European secret police chief.
The Diamond February 4, 1967 1x19
When the dictator of an African nation announces plans to sell the world's largest uncut diamond in order to fill his own pockets, the IM Force sees a chance to destroy him.
The Legend February 11, 1967 1x20
Briggs and Cinammon impersonate a former Nazi and his daughter who are invited to attend the home of a one-time Nazi leader who is planning the creation of the Fourth Reich. This episode shares many similarities with Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious (1948) film.
Snowball in Hell February 18, 1967 1x21
The IMF must recover or destroy a vital component for a nuclear weapon that is in the hands of an evil prison warden.
The Confession February 25, 1967 1x22
When the assassination of a U.S. senator threatens to lead to war between America and the Communist Bloc, Briggs and the IMF set out to prove the killing was actually orchestrated by another senator.
Action! March 4, 1967 1x23
An Eastern European filmmaker plans to release a film he created to falsely allege an American war crime in Vietnam; the IMF must prove the film to be a fake. Cinnamon Carter receives the recorded instructions in this episode, the only time in the show's history that someone other than Dan Briggs or Jim Phelps ever received the briefing. The character of Dan Briggs does not appear in the episode.
The Train March 18, 1967 1x24
The IMF team must simulate a train ride carrying a dying prime minister to a Swiss hospital, in order to convince the leader not to name a would-be dictator as his successor. Beginning with this episode, appearances by Steven Hill as Dan Briggs begin to be scaled back in preparation for his departure from the series.
Shock March 25, 1967 1x25
When an American envoy is kidnapped and replaced by a disguised agent planning to assassinate a U.S. diplomat, the IMF must stop the assassination and elicit the whereabouts of the real envoy out of the enemy agent.
A Cube of Sugar April 1, 1967 1x26
The IMF meets drug culture as Rollin and Cinammon infiltrate a prison to recover a kidnapped agent as well as a microchip hidden within an LSD-laced sugar cube.
The Traitor April 15, 1967 1x27
Eartha Kitt guest stars as a contortionist recruited by Briggs to help discredit an agent who has defected to the enemy.
The Psychic April 22, 1967 1x28
Cinnamon poses as a psychic in order to convince a tycoon that his life is in danger, leading to a high-stakes poker game against Rollin Hand. This was the final episode in which Steven Hill appears as Dan Briggs.

Season 2 (1967–1968)

Title Original Airdate #
The Widow September 10, 1967 2x01
First episode to feature Peter Graves as Jim Phelps. The IMF capture a marijuana distributor and Cinnamon goes undercover as his "widow" in order to shut down part of "the Syndicate."
Trek September 17, 1967 2x02
The IMF team must recover some Incan gold artifacts, but their mission is further complicated when the one man who can lead them to the stolen artifacts goes blind.
The Survivors September 24, 1967 2x03
The IMF team must rescue two top-secret governmental scientists and their wives who have been working on a dangerous new weapon.
The Bank October 1, 1967 2x04
The head of an East Berlin bank murders would-be defectors, and the IMF must eliminate him before he can use the embezzled money to launch a new Nazi movement.
The Slave part 1 October 8, 1967 2x05
Unbeknownst to his brother, the king of a near-eastern nation is secretly practicing slavery, and the IMF team must put a stop to it.
The Slave Part 2 October 15, 1967 2x06
Continuation of the previous episode. The IMF implicate the king in the slave trade by arranging to have the king's brother discover his kidnapped wife, an English woman, being bid on in a slave auction underneath the king's palace.
Operation Heart October 22, 1967 2x07
When an innocent American archaeologist becomes entangled in a plot to assassinate the president of a South American nation, the IMF must rescue the seriously ill American and prevent the president being killed by his chief of security.
The Money Machine October 29, 1967 2x08
An African banker is using counterfeit currency to finance his investments, and the IMF must put him out of business and recover the stolen printing plates he is using to make the counterfeits.
The Seal November 5, 1967 2x09
A stolen jade statuette is sacred to a small Asian country, and in order to prevent an international incident the IMF must recover it from the private high-security collection of a wealthy American defense contractor.
Charity November 12, 1967 2x10
The IMF must stop a pair of married con-artists who are using a charity scam to smuggle a load of platinum disguised as auto parts from a foreign country.
The Council Part 1 November 19, 1967 2x11
In order to close down an Italian crime syndicate, Rollin poses as its don, Frank Wayne.
The Council Part 2 November 26, 1967 2x12
Continuation of the previous episode.
The Astrologer December 3, 1967 2x13
Nikolai Kurzon, the exiled leader of the Baltic state of Veyska, is kidnapped by the head of the secret police, so the IMF team must mount a daring rescue mission.
Echo of Yesterday December 10, 1967 2x14
An arms manufacturer is supplying arms to neo-nazis, and Cinnamon is used to remind him of his late wife, who was murdered by Hitler.
The Photographer December 17, 1967 2x15
To break the enemy's encryption code IMF sets up a post nuclear war scene to trick a famous photographer who is also an enemy agent.
The Spy January 7, 1968 2x16
A map of NATO's missile defense system must be duplicated in order to fool a female spy.
A Game of Chess January 14, 1968 2x17
A gold shipment, sent to fund an anti-communist resistance movement, has been seized by the country's government and the IMF must get it to its intended recipients, but an international chess champion and con artist is also after the gold.
The Emerald January 21, 1968 2x18
Microfilm detailing an enemy plot is affixed to an emerald in the possession of a notorious arms dealer; the IMF must obtain the microfilm and eliminate the enemy agent who has been sent to buy the gem.
The Condemned January 28, 1968 2x19
When a childhood friend of Phelps' is sentenced to death in Latin America, the IMF go "off-book" to save him.
The Counterfeiter February 4, 1968 2x20
The IMF must arrange the arrest of the owner of a chain of medical clinics who is distributing counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
The Town February 18, 1968 2x21
Phelps accidentally discovers that a small town is filled with enemy sleeper agents; he is drugged and declared paralyzed by a stroke, but Rollin Hand smells a rat.
The Killing February 28, 1968 2x22
Conventional law-enforcement methods cannot stop a criminal mastermind, but his superstitions may be his undoing.
The Phoenix March 3, 1968 2x23
A museum curator must be prevented from giving an experimental alloy to a foreign power.
Trial by Fury March 10, 1968 2x24
The IMF must save a Latin American political prisoner, held in isolation in his totalitarian country's prison camp.
Recovery March 17, 1968 2x25
When U.S. bomber crashes behind the Iron Curtain, the IMF must recover its fail-safe before a brilliant U.S. defector can reveal its secrets to the communists.

Season 3 (1968–1969)

Pic Title Original Airdate #
The Heir Apparent September 29, 1968 3x01
Cinnamon impersonates a lost princess to foil the planned coup of a would-be military dictator (Charles Aidman).
The Contenders Part 1 October 6, 1968 3x02
Barney impersonates a boxer (Sugar Ray Robinson) to prevent gangsters from corrupting U.S. sports.
The Contenders Part 2 October 13, 1968 3x03
The conclusion of the previous episode.
The Mercenaries October 27, 1968 3x04
The IMF go to Africa to stop a gold-hungry mercenary (Pernell Roberts) and his reign of terror.
The Execution November 10, 1968 3x05
To stop a brutal racketeer from controlling the U.S. grocery industry, the IMF must convince his hitman to turn state's evidence.
The Cardinal November 17, 1968 3x06
To secure power, a general replaces a country's beloved cardinal with a lookalike; the team devises a plan to switch them back.
The Elixir November 24, 1968 3x07
In South America, the IMF must prevent a vain, Evita-like matriarch (Ruth Roman) from seizing power in a coup.
The Diplomat December 1, 1968 3x08
In Paris, the IMF must discredit a rogue diplomat (Fernando Lamas) who is supplying a foreign power with U.S. defense secrets.
The Play December 8, 1968 3x09
The IMF must discredit a foreign minister of culture whose influence prevents his president from establishing an accord with the West.
The Bargain December 15, 1968 3x10
In Miami, "the Syndicate" must be prevented from funding an exiled dictator (Albert Paulsen)'s plan to launch a counter-revolution.
The Freeze December 23, 1968 3x11
A bankrobber (Donnelly Rhodes) plans to wait in prison on a lesser charge until the statute of limitations expires on his theft; the IMF must convince him to retrieve the loot early, before his double-crossed partners get wind of the con.
The Exchange January 4, 1969 3x12
Cinnamon is captured behind the Iron Curtain and Phelps must kidnap, break, and trade an enemy agent before she breaks.
The Mind of Stefan Miklos January 12, 1969 3x13
A double agent within U.S. intelligence is being fed false information, but his suspicious handler asks for a security check. Miklos, an enemy mastermind, is sent to investigate and the IMF must convince him that the information is true and the handler is the traitor.
The Test Case January 19, 1969 3x14
A "hired gun" bacteriologist is developing a deadly but short-lived virus for the Warsaw Pact; the IMF must eliminate him and his virus.
The System January 26, 1969 3x15
When a crime boss escapes justice the IMF must trick an underling operating a crooked casino into turning state's evidence.
The Glass Cage February 2, 1969 3x16
Barney and Willie get arrested in an eastern bloc nation to fake the escape of a resistance leader, who is in an escape-proof cell.
Doomsday February 16, 1969 3x17
When an overextended European industrialist (Alf Kjellin) tries to recover his fortunes by selling a nuclear bomb to the highest bidder, the IMF must keep the device out of the hands of third-world nations.
Live Bait February 23, 1969 3x18
An enemy internal security chief (Anthony Zerbe) uses his own assistant (Martin Sheen) in the hope of out-foxing the IMF.
The Bunker Part 1 March 2, 1969 3x19
Imprisoned underground in an Eastern European nation, a brilliant scientist is being forced to develop a deadly missile.
The Bunker Part 2 March 9, 1969 3x20
In the conclusion of the previous episode, the IMF must rescue the scientist (Milton Selzer) and his wife (Lee Meriwether) before another nation's master of disguise can assassinate him.
Nitro March 23, 1969 3x21
A near-eastern ultranationalist assigns a demolitions expert (Mark Lenard) to blow up his own government; the IMF must act in time.
Nicole March 30, 1969 3x22
Phelps, shot and captured during exfiltration, is joined by an attractive double agent (Joan Collins) - but whose side is she really on?
The Vault April 6, 1969 3x23
Coup plotters (Nehemiah Persoff, Jerry Riggio) have looted a treasury to unseat a South American president (Rodolfo Acosta).
Illusion April 13, 1969 3x24
The IMF must eliminate two of the three contenders for chief of secret police in an eastern european nation.
The Interrogator April 20, 1969 3x25
An enemy officer (Henry Silva) knows a deadly secret, but is under interrogation in another hostile nation. This is the final episode to feature Martin Landau as Rollin Hand and Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter.

Season 4 (1969–1970)

Pic Title Original Airdate #
The Code September 28, 1969 4x01
First appearance of Leonard Nimoy as Paris.
The Numbers Game October 5, 1969 4x02
The Controllers Part 1 October 12, 1969 4x03
The Controllers Part 2 October 19, 1969 4x04
Fool's Gold October 26, 1969 4x05
Commandante November 2, 1969 4x06
Submarine November 16, 1969 4x07
Mastermind November 23, 1969 4x08
Robot November 30, 1969 4x09
The Double Circle December 7, 1969 4x10
The Brothers December 14, 1969 4x11
Time Bomb December 21, 1969 4x12
The Amnesiac December 28, 1969 4x13
The Falcon Part 1 January 4, 1970 4x14
The Falcon Part 2 January 11, 1970 4x15
The Falcon Part 3 January 18, 1970 4x16
Chico January 25, 1970 4x17
Gitano February 1, 1970 4x18
Phantoms February 8, 1970 4x19
Terror February 15, 1970 4x20
Lover's Knot February 22, 1970 4x21
Orpheus March 1, 1970 4x22
The Crane March 8, 1970 4x23
Death Squad March 15, 1970 4x24
The Choice March 22, 1970 4x25
The Martyr March 29, 1970 4x26

Season 5 (1970–1971)

Pic Title Original Airdate #
The Killer September 19, 1970 5x01
Lesley Ann Warren joins the regular cast as Dana.
Flip Side September 26, 1970 5x02
The Innocent October 3, 1970 5x03
First appearance of Sam Elliott as recurring IMF team member Doug.
Homecoming October 10, 1970 5x04
Flight October 17, 1970 5x05
My Friend, My Enemy October 25, 1970 5x06
Butterfly October 31, 1970 5x07
Decoy November 7, 1970 5x08
The Amateur November 14, 1970 5x09
Hunted November 21, 1970 5x10
The Rebel November 28, 1970 5x11
Squeeze Play December 12, 1970 5x12
The Hostage December 19, 1970 5x13
Takeover January 2, 1971 5x14
Cat's Paw January 9, 1971 5x15
The Missile January 16, 1971 5x16
The Field January 23, 1971 5x17
Blast January 30, 1971 5x18
The Cataflaque February 6, 1971 5x19
Kitara February 20, 1971 5x20
A Ghost Story February 27, 1971 5x21
The Party March 6, 1971 5x22
The Merchant March 17, 1971 5x23
Final appearances of Leonard Nimoy as Paris and Lesley Ann Warren as Dana.

Season 6 (1971–1972)

Pic Title Original Airdate #
Blind September 18, 1971 6x01
Lynda Day George joins the regular cast as Casey.
Encore September 25, 1971 6x02
To bring down a pair of crime syndicate bosses by finding evidence of a murder committed by them years before, the IMF must convince one of them that he has traveled back in time to his youth in 1937!. William Shatner guest stars. Final appearance of Sam Elliott as Doug.
The Tram October 2, 1971 6x03
Mindbend October 9, 1971 6x04
Shape-Up October 16, 1971 6x05
The Miracle October 23, 1971 6x06
Encounter October 30, 1971 6x07
Underwater November 6, 1971 6x08
Invasion November 13, 1971 6x09
Blues November 20, 1971 6x10
The Visitors November 27, 1971 6x11
Nerves December 4, 1971 6x12
Run for the Money December 11, 1971 6x13
The Connection December 18, 1971 6x14
The Bride January 1, 1972 6x15
Stone Pillow January 8, 1972 6x16
Image January 15, 1972 6x17
Committed January 22, 1972 6x18
Bag Woman January 29, 1972 6x19
Double Dead February 12, 1972 6x20
Casino February 19, 1972 6x21
Trapped February 26, 1972 6x22

Season 7 (1972–1973)

Pic Title Original Airdate #
Break! September 16, 1972 7x01
Two Thousand September 23, 1972 7x02
The Deal September 30, 1972 7x03
Leona October 7, 1972 7x04
TOD-5 October 14, 1972 7x05
Cocaine October 21, 1972 7x06
Underground October 28, 1972 7x07
Movie November 4, 1972 7x08
Hit November 11, 1972 7x09
Ultimatum November 18, 1972 7x10
Kidnap December 2, 1972 7x11
Crack-Up December 9, 1972 7x12
The Puppet December 22, 1972 7x13
Incarnate January 5, 1973 7x14
Boomerang January 12, 1973 7x15
The Question January 19, 1973 7x16
The Fountain January 26, 1973 7x17
The Fighter February 9, 1973 7x18
Speed February 16, 1973 7x19
The Pendulum February 23, 1973 7x20
The IMF team must uncover and stop a plot to overthrow the United States Government by a terrorist group operated by traitors within the US Government itself. Dean Stockwell guest stars as a key terrorist planner who is shot and critically wounded by his own thugs and then captured-thanks to the IMF.
The Western March 2, 1973 7x21
Final appearance of Lynda Day George as Casey in the original series.
Imitation March 30, 1973 7x22

Revival series (1988-1990)

Season 1 (1988–1989)

Pic Title Original Airdate #
The Killer October 23, 1988 1x01
Jim Phelps comes out of retirement after his protege is killed. Remake of original series episode 5x01.
The System October 30, 1988 1x02
Remake of original series episode 3x15.
Holograms November 6, 1988 1x03
The Condemned November 20, 1988 1x04
Remake of original series episode 2x19. Greg Morris reprises his original series role of Barney Collier.
The Legacy November 26, 1988 1x05
The IMF must recover a stash of Nazi gold hidden since the end of WWII. Remake of original series episode 1x15.
The Wall December 11, 1988 1x06
The Cattle King December 18, 1988 1x07
The Pawn January 15, 1989 1x08
The Haunting January 28, 1989 1x09
The Lions February 4, 1989 1x10
The Greek February 11, 1989 1x11
The Fortune February 18, 1989 1x12
Final appearance of Terry Markwell as Casey Randall, who becomes the first major IMF operative to be killed in action. First appearance of Jane Badler as new IMF agent Shannon Reed.
The Fixer February 25, 1989 1x13
Spy March 18, 1989 1x14
The Devils March 25, 1989 1x15
The Plague April 8, 1989 1x16
Reprisal April 15, 1989 1x17
Lynda Day George reprises her role of Lisa Casey from the original series; according to Patrick White's The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier, the character is given the first name "Lisa" in order to avoid confusion with the character of Casey Randall.
Submarine April 29, 1989 1x18
No relation to the original series episode of the same title.
Bayou May 6, 1989 1x19

Season 2 (1989–1990)

Pic Title Original Airdate #
The Golden Serpent Part 1 September 21, 1989 2x01
Greg Morris guest stars as Barney Collier.
The Golden Serpent Part 2 September 28, 1989 2x02
The Princess October 5, 1989 2x03
Command Performance October 12, 1989 2x04
Countdown October 26, 1989 2x05
War Games November 2, 1989 2x06
Target Earth November 9, 1989 2x07
The Fuehrer's Children November 16, 1989 2x08
A neo-Nazi plans to become unify the various neo-Nazi groups and create a fourth Reich using kidnapped children that were brainwashed from early age.
Banshee November 30, 1989 2x09
An arms dealer in Northern Ireland increases his sales by killing innocents and inflaming the conflict between the Catholics and Protestants. The IMF is sent in to stop him and use some local mythology to help.
For Art's Sake December 14, 1989 2x10
An important national painting, on loan to the United States, is stolen by an art thief and placed in a hidden gallery. The IMF have to recover the painting before an international incident occurs, with a little help from Degas.
Deadly Harvest January 6, 1990 2x11
Cargo Cult January 13, 1990 2x12
The Assassin January 20, 1990 2x13
The Gunslinger February 3, 1990 2x14
An old west show town hides a deadly secret in a mine.
Church Bells in Bogota February 10, 1990 2x15
The Sands of Seth February 24, 1990 2x16


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