snowball chance

Snowball's Chance

Snowball's Chance (Roof Books, 2002/03), was a controversial update of George Orwell's Animal Farm written by John Reed in which Snowball the pig returns to the Manor Farm, after many years absence, to install capitalism, which has its own pitfalls. The novel raised the ire of the George Orwell estate and the political right wing. Led by Christopher Hitchens, Marxists and Orwell admirers also objected to the work. A New York Times article about a hostile letter sent to the publisher from the Orwell estate precipitated a journalistic and online debate about the book. The author, John Reed, has published two other novels, A Still Small Voice (Delacorte, 2000) and The Whole (MTV, Simon & Schuster, 2005). A new work, All The World's A Grave: A New Play by William Shakespeare is forthcoming in fall 2008 from Penguin Books. The work draws lines from the Shakespeare canon and reassembles them into an original tragedy, featuring Shakespeare's tragic characters.

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