The Rest Is Silence (Randy album)

The Rest is Silence is an album by Randy, released in 1996.

Track listing

  1. "Snorty Pacifical Rascal"
  2. "Utilizing Peanuts"
  3. "At Any Cost"
  4. "Where Our Heart Is"
  5. "All Eaten Up"
  6. "More The Meek"
  7. "You're Eating From Their Hand"
  8. "On The Rack"
  9. "The Beginning"
  10. "Kiss Me Deadly"
  11. "Whom To Blame"


  • recorded by Randy in a red house
  • mixed at Music A Matic in Gothemburg
  • released by Dolores Records 1996
  • performed by Randy
  • title is taken from the final words of Hamlet in the play of the same name.

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