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Nothing to Sneeze At

"Nothing to Sneeze At" is an episode of Garfield and Friends. It originally aired on October 8, 1988.

Episode recap

After Jon hangs up the telephone after an unsuccessful attempt to get a date, Garfield starts sneezing uncontrollably and has a red nose. Jon points out that Garfield has been sneezing a lot, so he decides to take him to the vet while also hoping to score a date with Liz. Liz doesn’t seem to know what’s wrong with Garfield, but she does decide to go on a date with Jon.

Garfield insists on tagging along on the date, but Jon refuses to let him do so, especially because he’s sick. Jon soon runs out of the house and drives off thinking that he outsmarted Garfield, but Garfield is actually hiding in the box of candy that Jon bought for Liz. Jon and Liz discover Garfield while they are at a restaurant, and Jon determines to take him home before they get to the movie theater.

Jon and Liz arrive at the theater still with Garfield, and Jon explains to Liz that dropping him off would have made them miss the movie. Garfield’s sneezing becomes out of control and he sneezes at a very climatic part of the movie, which annoys Liz so much that she walks out. Jon and Garfield are then thrown out of the theater (literally) for making too much noise, and Jon complains about the mess Garfield has made, but Garfield is instead pleased because his cold appears to be gone. The usher then throws Jon's sport coat out after them; it lands on Garfield’s head and he immediately starts sneezing again. Jon concludes that Garfield must be allergic to the coat and that's why he kept sneezing.

A bum then walks up to them and asks for spare change, and Garfield gives him the sport coat. After the bum leaves, Liz comes back and decides to give Jon another chance because of how much he cares about Garfield. Garfield jumps into Jon’s arms as he and Liz make a second date; she then gives Jon a kiss and leaves. Jon then decides that Garfield is nice to have around, and then they are about to head home until Jon realizes that he left his car keys and wallet in his sport coat. He promptly drops Garfield and runs off to catch the bum.


episode is mainly based on the comic strip, but in the comic strip, Garfield is sick.


Garfield: You’re not leaving me home alone. The only thing on TV tonight is a documentary on raisin sorting.

Liz: What's wrong with Garfield is probably an illness. What's he eaten lately?
Jon:, lasagna, chocolate pie, stew, lamb, veal, uh...chop suey, a couple of tacos, knockwurst, a pastrami on rye, tapioca pudding, soup...
Liz: He's eaten all that this week?
Jon: No, no. That was just breakfast today. I should have known he was sick when he had no appetite.

Liz: Why didn't you get a small popcorn?
Jon: This is a small. The large comes in a coliseum.

Garfield: I'm sick. ...What if it's true? How would I survive?...I'd sneeze a lot and get a lot of tissue. I used to do that.

Usher: Take your coat. It's scaring people!

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