A sneer is a scornful facial expression characterized by a slight raising of one corner of the upper lip.

It is used to express contempt and a sneer can be a facial expression, sound, or statement.

“Who can refute a sneer?” -William Paley (1743–1805): Moral Philosophy Vol. ii, Book v, Chap. 9

Biblical Sneers

There are five sneers recorded in the Bible:

  • The wicked sneer at God (Isaiah 57:4)
  • The arrogant man sneers at his enemies (Psalm 10:6)
  • The Pharisees sneered at Jesus (Luke 16:14)
  • The people and rulers sneered at Jesus on the cross (Luke 23:35)
  • The men of Athens sneered at Paul (Acts 17:32)


  • John Bartlett (1820–1905), Familiar Quotations, 10th ed, 1919, p.861

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