Snapped is a true crime television series on the Oxygen Network that debuted in 2004 in the United States. It features stories of real women who killed others, mainly husbands or boyfriends. It is edited in a documentary style, using a central voice-over narration by reporter Sharon Martin, as well as interviews with people with first hand knowledge of the case, including friends and family members of the victims and sometimes even the killer herself. Snapped is produced in conjunction with Jupiter Entertainment.


Season One (2004)

Ruthann Aron -- Woman orders a hitman on her husband and political rival after she loses an election in the run for the U.S. Senate.

Debra Lynn Baker -- A bookkeeper and her best friend poison her millionaire boss Jerry Sternadel in 1990 with arsenic and gets away with probation. And the boss' wife, who some insist was in on the murder, is never even charged with his murder.

Celeste Beard Johnson -- A bisexual Austin, Texas woman is accused of allegedly convincing her lesbian lover to shoot her husband. Beard claimed to Tracy Tarlton her lover that they wouldn't be together any more unless her husband was dead.

Joyce Cohen -- A woman is accused of allegedly hiring hitmen to murder her wealthy husband in March 1986 after he threatened her with a divorce.

Clara Harris -- A Houston dentist runs over philandering husband with her Mercedes in July 2002 with his 16-year old daughter in the car.

Kimberly Hricko -- Baltimore woman lethally injects husband with succinylcholine in 1998 and sets his body on fire in their hotel room while on a romantic weekend getaway, rather than rekindling their marriage.

Elena Kiejliches -- The wife of a wealthy Russian émigré shoots her husband in their Staten Island mansion in March 2000 and takes a trip to Disneyworld with her children before eventually winding up in jail.

Virginia Larzelere -- Her husband, a dentist, was shot to death in his office in Edgewater, Florida, from a shotgun blast in 1991. Following the investigation police claimed the her son Jason killed his step-father.

Lee Ann Reidel -- In a case of mistaken-identity, a woman’s lover kills her husband’s business partner in December 2000 while intending to kill her husband. After the wrong guy gets whacked, the two lovers turn on each other and the jury is left wondering whom to believe.

Kristin Rossum -- A San Diego toxicologist is accused of allegedly giving husband a fatal dose of Fentanyl in November 2000 and trying to pass off his death as suicide after he caught her having an affair. During the investigation her crystal methamphetamine secret was exposed.

Susan Wright -- A Houston, Texas housewife ties up her husband to their bed and stabs him 192 times in overkill in January 2003. She tries to pass off his murder as self-defense.

Carolyn Warmus -- A New York Greenville Elementary School teacher and sexy millionaire heiress shoots the wife of her adulterous lover in January 1989 in order to be closer to him.

Diane Zamora -- After her boyfriend cheats on her, a young woman at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, to make it up to her, she demands him to kill a 16-year-old classmate in December 1995 after the girl sleeps with him.

Season Two (2005)

Brenda Andrew -- Her husband, an Oklahoma advertising executive, is gunned down at his home in the garage in November 2001. When his wife called 911, she claims she and her husband were both shot by two masked men.

Dionne Baugh -- Atlanta, Georgia mistress bludgeons her millionaire boyfriend to death in August 1996 while he is asleep in the nude after breaking up with her.

Adele Craven –- After successful Delta airlines pilot Steve Craven is found murdered in his basement in July 2000, his wife pleads guilty to an affair and his murder at trial.

Amy DeChant -- When Las Vegas bookie Bruce Weinstein goes missing in 1996, his girlfriend, Amy DeChant becomes the prime suspect and becomes a fugitive from justice.

Terri Gilbert –- Attorney and county commissioner in Albuquerque, New Mexico is found dead in his estranged wife’s home in August 1996. Although she had also allegedly shot her previous ex-husband in 1974, she was acquitted of all charges.

Rita Gluzman -– While in the middle of a divorce in April 1996, a woman forces her cousin to dismember her ex-husband and dump his severed body parts into the Passaic River.

Linda Jones –- After her husband has an affair with a teenage girl they were caring for in November 1995, a woman hires hitmen to kill him.

Elisa McNabney -- A woman and best friend Sarah Dutra are accused of killing lawyer husband in California with overdoseing him with horse tranquilizer in September 2001.

Sharee Miller -- A housewife becomes a suspect when investigation leads officials to an ex-cop's suicide note, an internet chat room of sex chat and drug addiction after her husband an auto mechanic is found shot to death in his office by his brother and sister in-law in November 1999. This led cops onto a trail of evidence that included internet sex chat and an unsolved murder which pointed out Sharee to her husband's murder.

Donna Somerville -– Woman is charged with murdering her wealthy fourth-husband in November 2001. Her husband dies suddenly while eating dinner in his bed, the authorities assumed he died of natural causes until an autopsy revealed massive amounts of morphine, codeine, and oxycodone in Hamilton's stomach.

Dante Sutorius -- After her husband, a cardiologist, was found dead in their downstairs den in February 1996, police delve into his wife's violent past.

Pamela Smart -- Derry, New Hampshire media consultant teacher becomes a prime suspect when her husband is found dead in their condominium execution-style. According to Billy Flynn Pam's teen lover and student she seduced him into killing her husband in May 1990 and tells police that Pam begged him and his friends to kill Gregg Smart.

Stephanie Stephens -- A woman wakes up next to her husband's dead body, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in May 2001. She becomes the focus of a murder investigation after police performed a second autopsy on her husband and find etomidate located in her husband's system.

Season Three (2005)

Kimberly Anderson -- A woman shoots her ex-husband in September 2001 during a custody battle in self-defense, claiming he was molesting their youngest son. At trial she was found not guilty and has moved on with her life.

Gail Bennett -- A woman shoots her third ex-husband in July 1990 when he threatens her, and soon after she is raped by a policeman. She keeps silent, for fear of reprisal from the police, until after she is not indicted for the shooting.

Linda Lou Charbonneau -- A woman kills both her common-law husband and his nephew in 2001, whom she had also married.

Dora Cisneros -- An overprotective Brownsville woman orders a hit on daughter's ex-boyfriend in May 1993 after the daughter's heart is broken.

Manuela Garcia -- German-born woman kills abusive husband with an ax in self-defense in July 1996. But as the investigation went on it is seen that she laced her husband's beer with a sleep medication and beats him with an ax while he was alseep.

Jeena Han -- South Korean native puts together with her two male friends a plan to kill her estranged twin sister Sunny Han in November 1996 and take over her life by stealing her identity.

Kimberley Kondejewski -- A woman shoots her husband in self-defense in 1997 to put an end to 17 years of abuse. It comes to light that he had given her a deadly ultimatum: kill herself, or he would kill her and their children.

Deidra Lane -- Charlotte, North Carolina woman kills football player husband Fred Lane, a Carolina Panthers running back, with a shotgun in July 2000 to collect his life insurance but claims it was in self-defense.

Stella Nickell -- A woman's husband was found dead with a lethal dose of tainted Excedrin in his system in February 1986. The capsules were filled with cyanide. After her husband dies a Washington bank teller dies from Excedrin filled with the same substance.

Yesenia Patino -- A transsexual was playing with fire when she began having an affair with a married man. She got burnt when police linked her to the murder of her lover’s wife in Rocky Point, Mexico in February 1991 and, in the process, exposed her shocking secret about her past.

Laura Rogers -- A woman kills her husband in self-defense in April 2004 after finding out he had raped their 16-year-old daughter, even impregnating the teen. Videotaped evidence of the rape encourages the judge to be lenient to Laura and set her free.

Michelle Theer -- A successful psychologist from North Carolina conspires with her lover to kill her husband an air force pilot in December 2000 and he takes the rap for it.

Mary Thompson -- A woman had helped police in her town solve gang-related crimes. But she had been posing as an anti-gang activist when she actually was the head of a street gang, and orders a hit on a high school senior in October 1994 who was set to testify against her troublemaking son in a court case.

Donna Yaklich -- Pueblo, Colorado woman hires teenaged hitmen to kill her abusive policeman husband in December 1985. The investigation that followed would reveal a troubled home life and a conspiracy to murder.

Season Four (2006)

Carol Carr -- A woman ends the lives of two of her sons in June 2002, who were suffering from Huntington's Disease. Before dying her son's asked her to kill them rather than let them suffer.

Sheila Davalloo -- It started out as fun and games when Iranian immigrant in Pleasantville, New York blindfolds and handcuffs her husband to a chair, then stabs him twice while playing a kinky game of "guess what I'm touching you with" in March 2003. Despite her excuses, police believed she meant to kill her husband.

Erin Dukes -- A woman's marriage to an abusive husband comes to a violent end with a gun in October 1997. She was found not guilty at trial.

Donna Fryman -- A woman from Louisville, Kentucky shoots her husband and partner in an interior design firm in January 2004, and claims self-defense.

Sarah Johnson -- When 16-year-old Sarah Johnson snuck out to spend the night with her older boyfriend, her mom and dad grounded her. In September 2003 her parents end up dead, her mother was shot while sleeping and her dad was shot in the shower. During the investigation police learned a lot about Sarah's boyfriend and found evidence pointing her to her parent's murder.

Sandy Murphy -- A woman and her lover are suspected of murdering Las Vegas casino heir Ted Binion in 1998. At her first trial she was found guilty of murder and at her second trial she was found not guilty but was charged with larceny.

Phyllis Nelson -- A woman from Iowa stabs her estranged husband in the chest in 2001 after she confronts him about an affair.

Melinda Raisch -- A soccer mom's story about her husband's murder in February 1982 doesn't hold up more than two decades after the crime. Melinda was a member of the Nazarene church and married very young. A devout woman, Melinda didn't want her marriage to end in divorce.

Nikki Redmond -- A former Savannah, Georgia beauty queen shoots her boyfriend in December 2003 after she learns he is seeing another woman. The boyfriend dies after botched medical care, and the assault charge is raised to a charge of murder.

Piper Rountree -- A Richmond, Virginia woman shoots her ex-husband in a driveway ambush.

Mary Ellen Samuels -- A husband involved in a messy divorce turns up dead in December 1988. The investigation that followed would reveal a bewildering conspiracy to murder that included two hit men who'd been hired to kill the hit man who'd been hired to kill Mary Ellen's husband as well as her daughter's fiancee.

Dixie Shanahan -- Iowa woman kills husband in self-defense with a shotgun in August 2002, then keeps his corpse hidden in the bedroom to be stored away from painful memories for a year.

Joan Shannon -- A woman claims a burglar shot her husband in July 2002, but that does not seem to be the case. It surfaces that the couple had participated in sex clubs and that Joan had developed a close connection with one of her sex partners, who she wanted to be with instead of her husband. Evidence begins to point to both and her daughter, Elizabeth.

Season Five (2007)

Amy Bosley -- A woman is accused of allegedly killing her husband Bob, also her partner in a roofing and chimney sweeping business after she didn't pay taxes for the family business. Her husband's parents now raising the Bosley's two children, wanted to spare the kids from having to testify against their mother.

Kimberly Cunningham -- A woman kills the husband of her sister in front of his workplace in October 2003 after finding out that he was responsible for molestating her 16-year-old daughter over a period of seven years. At her second trial, the jury found her guilty of voluntary manslaughter. In October 2008, Kimberly is to enter prison to serve a six month sentence after her original four year sentence was shortened by appeal.

Jane Dorotik -- Health care executive is accused of allegedly murdering her soon-to-be ex-husband in February 2000 so she would not have to pay alimony.

Martha Freeman -- Tennessee woman allegedly kills her husband in April 2005 with the help of her Hispanic lover who did the job.

Mary Krueger -- A woman with a manly voice kills her husband in May 1999 when she catches him with a prostitute.

Melanie McGuire -– A woman shoots her husband and dismembers his body after he walks out on their family.

Vicki Monroe -– A Louisville, Kentucky bar owner’s son murders his step-father in June 2002 on his mother’s request. Vicki and her son were found guilty and are both serving life sentences.

Susan Polk -- California woman kills her abusive psychiatrist husband in self defense in October 2002, after a stormy relationship that lasted for almost thirty years, starting when she was only fifteen years old when she was in high school.

Margaret Rudin -- A woman kills her husband, a wealthy Las Vegas real estate mogul, in 1995, then burns his body in the desert near Lake Mojave. After being indicted for the murder, she becomes a fugitive and disappears for nearly two years.

Claire Welsh -– When a woman learned that her fiancee wanted to ended their 2-year relationship in January 1997, she wanted to punish him by committing suicide, but at last minute changes she murdered him and shot herself.

Brookey Lee West -– Adult daughter of an alcoholic ex-convict suffocates her mother in February 1998 and then hides the body in a self storage unit for three years. At trial she was found guilty of murdering her mother.

Daphne Wright -- Deaf lesbian kills a woman in February 2006 for being a friend to Daphne's ex-girlfriend, although the victim wasn't gay.

Season Six (2007)

Mary Winkler -- A housewife and substitute teacher claims she shot her preacher husband in self-defense. She was convicted of murder and released from prison in August 2007. Recently she was granted full custody of her three daughters.

Jessica McCord –- After she and her ex-husband fought seven years for custody of their two children, a woman convinces her new husband to murder her ex-husband and his new wife in February 2002.

Adrienne Emily Hickson –- A young, self-centered college graduate and law student kills her boyfriend in self-defense. But at trial the prosecution said that Adrienne was the abuser towards her boyfriend and with a history of violence.

Sarah Brady -– An expectant mother visits another in February 2005 after their baby registries are accidentally switched. A fight ensues and one woman is dead, the other claims self-defense. Police decide not to press charges against Sarah and look into the victim's past.

Elizabeth Reynolds –- Woman leaves her Navy husband for a border patrol agent. When she finds out that her new boyfriend is cheating on her in August 2003, she hires a desperate hitman to kill him.

Julia Lynn Turner -– A woman is found out to have poisoned both her current boyfriend in 2001 and six years earlier, her husband with antifreeze in 1995.

Kathleen Denson –- Fur store owner shoots her former boyfriend at her horse ranch but claims it was in self-defense.

Season Seven (2008)

Misty Witherspoon -- A woman who accidentally shoots her police officer husband in September 2005 with his weapon was embezzling money from her church to cover the family's debt.

Cynthia George -- Former beauty queen and Akron socialite was found linked to a secret life and murder.

Lisa Whedbee -- A woman and her lover's conspiracy to murder her husband in June 1994 backfires.

Erika Sifrit -- Young businesswoman, along with her husband, was caught with items belonging to a vacationing Virginia couple in Ocean City, Maryland that mysteriously disappeared.

Malaika Griffin -- A promising chemist is charged in the May 1999 slaying of her neighbor, a Colorado man.

Sharon Daniels -- A woman becomes a suspect in the October 2005 murder of her husband, a preacher and school bus driver in their community.

Michelle Michael -- Bored with her job and her marriage in November 2005, a nurse gives her husband a lethal injection of rocuronium, sets the house on fire and tries to collect the insurance.

Linda Henning -- A fashion designer and her con man boyfriend become suspects in the murder of her boyfriend's estranged wife in September 1999. They are both tried and convicted in the Hossencofft Case in 2003.

Darlene Gentry -- A housewife with money problems is charged with the November 2005 shooting death of her husband after finding out he is worth more dead than alive.

Monique Berkley -- Wife of Navy Reservist Paul Berkley had left home for a tour in Bahrain and returned home to his famiy in December 2005. His wife welcomed him back home by taking him to the movies to watch King Kong, have a romantic picnic in the park late at night and having her teenaged lover shoot and stab him to death in the park to collect his life insurance money.

Shayne Lovera -- Fed up with her math professor husband in November 1994, a woman did some calculations of her own and decided his insurance policy was worth more than a divorce.

Ann Trexler -- A grandmother moves to Florida to spend more time with her granddaughter. When the girl's father decided to move her to Montana in October 1998, Ann hired a hitman to bring the relocation plan to a dead stop.

Kerri Faye Brown -- A nursing home administrator decides to shoot her employer in April 2001 after she is on the edge of getting fired for embezzlement.

Ann Miller Kontz -- A chemist wanted out of her marriage in November 2000, so she used chemical element #33 – arsenic to help her become a widow rather than a divorcee.

Elicia Hughes -- A school teacher teaches her husband a deadly lesson about cheating with a gun.

Linda Fields -- When her ranch ran on hard times, Linda Fields used her new ranch hand to get back in the black in 2003. She took out a life insurance policy on him, then took him out.

Tracey Frame -- A woman's boyfriend signed his house over to her to avoid repossession in April 2002, but after a bitter breakup, she refused to give up the house. Tracey ended the property dispute by shooting her ex-boyfriend and relocating his body to a storm drain.

Shawna Nelson -- A stay-at-home mom had been juggling a life with three children, a husband, and a married lover for months. When it became too much, she decided to get rid of her lover's wife in January 2007. She was found guilty of murder in March 2008 and sentenced to life without parole.

Jeanette Sliwinski -- A model was charged in the July 2005 automobile manslaughter deaths of three Chicago men in which she meant to take a wild ride to end in suicide but ended with triple homicide charges instead.

Leslie MacKool -- A woman with a life of privilege marrys an older man with a history of broken marriages, criminal records and bankruptcy. After her father died Leslie's sadness turned to anger when she found out he changed his will so that she only receive $25,000 of his million-dollar estate. Her mother was found murdered in September 2003 and there was a loophole, if her mother died within thirty days Leslie would get the entire estate. During investigation police began to suspect Leslie and her husband killed her mother for the entire package deal.


"Snapped" has come under some scrutiny for the manner in which it often portrays the murderer/killer as the victim and for what is sometimes seen as glorification of female murderers/killers.

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