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Piledriver (band)

This article is about a reformed, current band, for other uses see Pile driver (disambiguation)
Piledriver was a Canadian power/speed metal band, founded in 1985 by Gord Kirchin. They were known for an over-the-top image and flamboyant song titles/lyrics ("Sex With Satan", "Alien Rape", "Sodomize the Dead", "Witch Hunt", "Human Sacrifice", etc). Probably their best known song was the title track of their debut album Metal Inquisition, which featured in the chorus the sound of a falling guillotine blade chopping someone's head off. The album was followed by Stay Ugly a year later.

The band soon disappeared. Years later, Pile Driver himself, stage name of Gord Kirchin, revealed that the band and albums were just a studio project, and that the band, never really existed at all, with all the names made up, as was virtually everything else about the band. Kirchin later formed his own band, Dogs With Jobs, and sporadically had been working on solo material. With the rise of the internet, Kirchin was constantly bombarded with fans demanding more. To that end, in 2005, a new band was formed under the name The Exalted Piledriver. A long search began for Kirchin to find the right musicians to fill the promise of the original albums. In the summer of 2006 the current lineup was finalized. Mark Kopernicky, (stage name-Kinky Pork Cream), on the guitar; Gerry Keough (stage name-Glace Frothfritter) on the drums; and Robert Tollefson (stage name-Lobo Elf Snort) on the bass guitar. After many live shows in Canada, the U.S. and in Europe the band entered the studio in late 2007 to record the first album to feature an actual band. The album, titled "Metal Manifesto", is slated for release in early 2008.


  • Metal Inquisition 1985
  • Stay Ugly 1986

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