smokin' joe

Smokin' Joe Kubek

Smokin' Joe Kubek (born November 30 1956, Grove City, Pennsylvania) is an American blues guitarist.

Although he was born in Pennsylvania, Kubek grew up in Texas and is associated with the Texas blues style. He played with Freddie King while still a teenager, and put together his own band to tour in the Dallas area. He met Bnois King in the 1980s, and together they put together the first incarnation of Kubek's band. Kubek signed to Bullseye Blues in 1991 and released his debut record; he has steadily released albums since then.


  • Steppin' Out Texas Style (Bullseye Blues, 1991)
  • Chain Smokin' Texas Style (Bullseye, 1992)
  • Texas Cadillac (Bullseye, 1993)
  • Cryin' for the Moon (Bullseye, 1995)
  • Keep Comin' Back (Bullseye, 1996)
  • The Axe Man (Double Trouble Records, 1996)
  • Got My Mind Back (Bullseye, 1996)
  • Take Your Best Shot (Bullseye, 1998)
  • Bite Me! (Bullseye, 2000)
  • Roadhouse Research (Blind Pig Records, 2003)
  • Show Me the Money (Blind Pig, 2004) U.S. Blues #14
  • My Heart's in Texas (Blind Pig, 2006) U.S. Blues #11
  • Blood Brothers (Alligator Records, 2008) U.S. Blues #4


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