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Smaze is a music producer also known as Conrad Newholmes, Beneath Autumn Sky and Shevek's Masada among other guises. He releases moody beat projects based in the boom-bap/hip-hop tradition while at the same time going off into different regions of music and feeling. The differences between the different aliases are subtle, but varied enough to require a separation.

As Conrad Newholmes he has gone off into slightly more jazzy territory, while Beneath Autumn Sky releases tend to be more gritty and rough. Shevek's Masada is more glitchy, choppy and experimental. Sometimes heavy on the beat.. sometimes with no beat at all. Where Conrad and Beneath Autumn Sky leave off and return to the Boom-Bap, Shevek's Masada keeps going further. All of his output are both blends of sampled sounds, live instruments and electronic compositions.

When playing live, depending on the venue and the groups he is playing with, he usually likes to play as Smaze.


Current and forthcoming releases:

  • Long Lungs vs. Conrad Newholmes- More Than we Can See EP (unreleased)
  • I.A. compilation Hefty 10th anniversary / Beneath Autumn Sky- She Walks With Hefty Records
  • Beneath Autumn Sky- Renewed EP Organik Records
  • Saturday Morning Cypher - A collection of audio sketches, spoofs, and songs about Jesus (unreleased)

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