Smart casual

Smart casual

Smart casual (as distinct from business casual) is a loosely defined dress code, casual, yet "smart" enough to conform to the particular standards of certain Western social groups.

As "smart casual" is not formally defined, the lines between it and the other casual styles (see Dress code (Western)) are often blurred. For example, some may use the term smart casual interchangeably with business casual.

It has been suggested that smart casual for men consists of dress trousers - some, but not all definitions may allow jeans or chinos - a long-sleeve dress shirt (tie optional), leather loafers or dressy slip-ons, dress socks, a belt, and, if appropriate, a sport coat. For women, it consists of slacks, jeans or a skirt (long or short), a blouse or turtleneck, a fashionable belt, a jacket, a vest, or a sweater coordinated to your outfit, hosiery or socks with boots, flats (leather, suede, or fabric) or mid-heel shoes. Women may also wear jewelry, such as earrings that complement their overall outfit, at least. This category demands a pulled-together, harmonious, complete look with colors, fabrics, shoes, and accessories, for both men and women.


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